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Weekend Warrior

You’ve been asking for more chances to fatten your bankroll on the weekends and we heard you! We’re introducing our Weekend Warrior competition that will run periodically rather than as a regularly scheduled competition. Weekend Warrior events will include Ring games, Sit’N’Gos or Multi-Table Tournaments on Saturday and Sunday only.

These events include a variety of game type and play options – stakes, game format, seats, betting limits, speed, bounties, rebuys and more! With so many options to choose from, your weekend bankroll is sure to grow and grow! Each event is unique and features at least one Leaderboard with millions of generous bonus chips for our top Weekend Warriors!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Lobby for your chance to win and track your performance on our exclusive Leaderboard(s). You won’t want to miss these unique and exciting games!

The first iteration of Weekend Warrior focuses on High Stakes games. From August 4th through August 5th there will be a lucrative leaderboard of 10 Million Chips for the top 5 players. The leaderboard is calculated by the number of Big Blinds won.


Our first weekend warrior will be on all High Stakes Hold'em Ring tables, either 6 or 9 max.

Time Schedule Stakes Seats Game Format
Saturday & Sunday 5K/10K 6/9 NL Holdem
Saturday & Sunday 10K/20K 6/9 NL Holdem
Saturday & Sunday 20K/40K 6/9 NL Holdem

Weekend Warrior High Stakes - August 2018 - LEADERBOARD

Leaderboard Prize Pool Paid Positions
Big Blinds Won 10M Chips Top 5

Important Notes:
Only hands with 3 or more players dealt in will count in the Leaderboards.
Only Ring game sessions that start after 00:00 ET on each day and end before 23:59 ET on Sunday will count in the specific Leaderboard. To make sure your session counts, end your session before 23:59 ET on Sunday.

Come join your friends! Head on over to the Ring Lobby and register to play!

Want to learn more about all the Hold'em variants? Check out the exciting game rules at our Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.