World Wonder Tour

Explore, compete and win with Replay's World Wonder Tour!

Throughout time people have endeavored to distinguish themselves and leave a legacy for others to behold. This desire for distinction and esteem guided their ingenuity, passion and ambition to create great works that we know today as the Wonders of the World.

We at Replay appreciate the cultural achievements of the past, and you can see this in our table names, such as the Acropolis of Athens, Hagia Sophia, and Chichen Itza. We recognize the hard work and intellect it took to construct these remarkable buildings, and we know that being a great poker player is no different. It takes imagination, courage and dedication.

To celebrate the shared values of creativity, determination and enthusiasm, and give our players the opportunity to build a wonder to their own achievement, Replay introduces the World Wonder Tour!

Beginning in August 2017, each month for the next year we will offer a different week-long promotion dedicated to one of the Wonders of the World with new and unique tournaments, leaderboards and prize offerings! We invite you to take the tour and build your own wonder of a bankroll to celebrate your poker prowess!

Month Promotion Dates
August 2017 The Colosseum Aug 7th - 13th
September 2017 The Taj Mahal Sep 18th - 24th
October 2017 The Golden Gate Bridge Oct 2nd - 8th
November 2017 The Eiffel Tower Nov 6th - 12th
December 2017 The North Pole Dec 4th - 10th
January 2018 Great Wall of China Jan 15th - 21st
February 2018 Pyramids of Egypt Feb 26th - March 4th
March 2018 Lost City of Atlantis March 19th - March 25th
April 2018 Chichen Itza April 16th - April 22nd
May 2018 Stonehenge May 21st - May 27th
June 2018 Leaning Tower of Pisa June 4th - June 10th