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WWT – Great Wall of China

For our World Wonder Tour this month, we’re honoring your superior strategies to block opponents by taking a tour of the Great Wall of China. One popular 20th century urban legend claims that it is the only man-made structure visible from space. Today, the Great Wall stands more as a psychological barrier between China and the outside world, yet remains a powerful symbol of the country’s enduring strength.

You’ll need to stay strong and endure as you battle through this exciting week of high-stake Texas Hold’em tournaments. Running from January 15th through January 21st, you’ll want to join your friends and block your opponents to capture these prize pools!


Tournament Name Time Schedule Buy-in Prize Pool
Good Fortune 02:30 ET 50K 1M GTD
Battle of Heroes 03:30 ET 100K 2.5M GTD
Hidden Treasure 05:30 ET 50K 1M GTD
Time to Repay 08:30 ET 50K 1.5M GTD
Over the Rainbow 09:30 ET 250K 5M GTD
Big Bang 10:45 ET 1M
North Sea Race 11:30 ET 50K 1M GTD
Replay Challenge 12:30 ET 125K 3M GTD
Be Punished 14:30 ET 50K 2M GTD
Bleeding Me 16:30 ET 250K 7M GTD
Lunar Storm 17:30 ET 50K 1.5M GTD
Game On! 18:30 ET 1M 15M GTD
Domino Stone 19:00 ET 50K 1M GTD
Ruthie’s Round-up 20:00 ET 250K
Diamond Seekers 20:30 ET 50K 1.5M GTD
Big Guess 21:00 ET 250K 10M GTD
Dare It 22:30 ET 100K 3M GTD
Expensive Fun 23:30 ET 50K 1M GTD

And that's not all! Your performance will be tracked in two different leaderboards -- each featuring a 3 million free chips prize pool. The Top 30 players earning the most tournament points and eliminating the most opponents in these tournaments will win a share of Leaderboard prize pools totaling 6 million chips!

Leaderboard Prize Pool Prize Positions
Tournament Points 3 million Top 30
Knockouts 3 million Top 30

All players participating in these tournaments will be awarded tournament points as long as they have been active (not sit out and available at the table) for more more than 50% of the hands they have been dealt.

Head on over to our Multi-Table Tournament Lobby to sign up!