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WWT - The Eiffel Tower

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the French...

Discover the secret and win big with our latest World Wonder Tour promotion: The Eiffel Tower!

The French have an ability with their spirit, style and flair to elevate the ordinary to the level of art, and the art of the wager is no different. France has given the world roulette, the queen of spades and even poker itself! Modern poker finds its origins in a 17th century French card game called Poque, which French colonists brought to New Orleans and the Mississippi River valley. From there the game evolved, spreading across North America, and voila!

To honor the contribution of France to the gaming world and acknowledge the beauty and ambition of French culture embodied in the Eiffel Tower, from November 6th to November 12th we are offering 4 million chips in leaderboard prizes for all our satellite tournaments.

All players participating in satellite tournaments will have their performance in knockouts and ticket earnings count towards two exclusive leaderboards.

Leaderboard Prize Pool Paid Positions
Tickets earned 2 Million chips Top 50
Knockouts 2 Million chips Top 50

Share in the celebration and raise your game to the level of art in our satellite tournaments!

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