About Us

We're obsessed about making an awesome poker site. Our goal is to make Replay Poker the best play-money poker site online. The site was originally founded in Sweden in 2005; sixty million hands later and now located in the UK, Replay Poker continues to offer the same great play-money poker experience it's players have come to love.

The Team

Paul gould 03186da2b1c05696bba45b95ee533877bfc9aea03f5f050f6a9d4a697ee5f5b5

Paul Gould aka MrReplay - CEO

Paul is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for online communities and gaming. He first became involved in Replay Poker in 2008 as an investor, and then in 2010 took over the role of CEO. He was born and raised in London. He graduated from the University of East Anglia with a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Greg huber 7adc3f94e95a7d7868f7cb16a53bc67ccda7e60c51fdead3d03b8c23bc9bfa12

Greg Huber aka gatzby - Head of Happiness

Greg's pretty sure the internet is here to stay, and that's important, because he's really into community building, but terrible with power tools. His illustrious career in the high stakes world of communities all began with a decade's old title: Webmaster. Accordingly, Greg spends his spare time playing games, online and off, and nerding out over coffee.

Robert bostock 756b382ecdbe1fd99585a060fad8d5d5d381b2d83cf5a517e19849a4195324fb

Robert Bostock aka Chasetheriver - Security & Collusion Manager

Robert started his poker career traveling around the UK live poker circuit back in the 80s and 90s. Having made the transition to online poker he started working 'on the other side of the table' for a major online poker site in 2005 as part of their collusion team. Robert is a keen online gamer, and particularly enjoys games involving cards and wagering such as Magic the Gathering.

Andrew morris 72310e121b8b6813d81f6ba9f6711d31a025cb8c1ea8be920d650f4264064e1b

Andrew Morris aka Androosh - Player Support

Over the past 6 years, Andrew has supported everything from voip phones to nintendo fanboys. Internet forums are his passion and he's been privileged to serve as the community manager for two large gaming forums. When not behind a screen, Andrew is a keen sports enthusiast and loves working on his car.

Tom meinlschmidt 07acf288a620a10277da86dcea22e8a64d6d36abd645f467f80ba60d540cb8a8

Tom Meinlschmidt aka znouza - Web Developer

Tom started playing with computers at the age of 10. He's been developing applications for the web and mobile devices for the last 16 years. When he's not coding, he likes to clear his mind by piloting a helicopter. Yes, a real one!

Renato besen c9b589f34b7995b5fdd14d3326187986655fbc2d7a4ac4242edea66aded62979

Renato Besen aka besen - Web Developer

Some say he learns new technologies for breakfast. Some say he gets a new white hair whenever he attends a useless meeting. All we know is he's called Renato!

Draiken 626a8a7c895bcfc94f018f63d552cf04d2a549802d99c41d1e53b8338dedb536

Luiz Felipe Garcia Pereira aka draiken - Web Developer

Luiz Felipe loves to code, play games and spend time with his beautiful wife Ana Paula and their three cats: Hades, Hera and Persephone.

Jonas erlandsson 0908fb5c9a64924768757bcc180c89fcfe01ec43ddf0944ed456ba5f0f3e4db3

Jonas Erlandsson aka d-Pixie - Web Developer

Jonas started programming back in the 90's, yeah he's that old. The internet became a thing in Sweden during his high school years, around 1995, and he's been stuck in ever since. He makes a living writing and maintaining code by day and indulges in carpentry, loose leaf black tea and self sustainability the rest of the time. All over a creator and teacher with a passion for quality and good design.

Pranav kulkarni eb3f5bef1bb40a26ba8627692802777800140858e73d8e854f07fd129e806c6e

Pranav Kulkarni aka bhalu - Web Developer

Programming was Pranav's hobby and now is his day job, and he is very passionate about it. In his leisure he likes to play games and read about technology.

Aymeric 7679c578c789b46e7de3af2da661aa26ab759f85b8602de9332810c1340a3537

Aymeric Vigneras - Former Advisor

Aymeric has extensive internet industry experience: CEO at CIDC (Everest Poker, $100M, 300 people, Boston MA); CTO leading 350 IT professionals at BetClic Everest Group ($475m 1200 headcount). He created and led a consulting practice (350 people, $47M) for Alti ($130M). He sold his consulting firm to Alti. He co-founded a consulting and software company, successfully selling it to Access Commerce.

Kevin flood ac5a220f02cddd92c053592471cbfc8539adfbbd3360f7d7a062b7244c7ed356

Kevin Flood - Former Advisor

Kevin is CEO of Gameinlane, Inc. focused on providing development and consulting services to organizations engaged at the intersection of social and Internet gambling.


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