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Congratulations to our Replay Team Champions!

August 8, 2019

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After seven weeks of intense competition, we have a winning team!

Join us in congratulating Ralphies Crew for taking the top spot in the Replay Team Championship! They beat out some impressive contenders, so this was no easy feat. This team consisted of thomas4126, 1texaslea, and hunter1111.

Before the event kicked off, we asked team captain thomas4126 what skills they would use to beat the rest. He told us, “Skills? What skills? Just having some fun, no skills needed! LOL.” Apparently a lack of expectations means you may end up soaring to the top!

After winning, he shared, “Without hunter on our team, we would not have been in the final. He really held our team together. Our vets are the best. I asked at a table the last day of sign up if anyone wanted to join me and tex. Hunter jumped on it and the rest is history.”

1texaslea told us, “I had a lot of fun, even though I was getting rotten cards. I had only one good game out of the many. My opponents were awesome. Thomas was a great captain, and hunter I had never played with before, but he had a super tourney.”

Check out their play right here:

Well done to this team! As for the squirrel? If you see thomas4126 at the tables, be sure to ask him about Ralphie!