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We're obsessed about offering our community of players an awesome poker site. Our goal is to make Replay Poker the home of recreational poker online. The site was originally founded in Sweden in 2005; hundreds of millions hands later and now located in the UK, Replay Poker continues to offer the same great play-money poker experience its players have come to love.

The Team

Thibault aka Shakeraise - General Manager

Thibault has lived and breathed the game of poker for the past 15 years. Formerly a full-time online and live poker player, he has extensive knowledge on both sides of the table, having worked with the top online poker sites since 2008. Originally from Paris, Thibault left his hometown 10 years ago and currently resides in London. Outside of work, he is a huge sports fan, enjoys playing real-time strategy games, and loves travelling.

Ash aka fizzymint - Operations Manager

Ash has been in gaming support for years, and in gaming communities even longer! Ever since she got her Nintendo at age 7, she's been a dedicated gamer. She's all about getting involved with player bases both in and out of work, and much of her free time is spent going to board game meetups. Outside of games, Ash loves books, food, dogs, and traveling whenever she can.

Rodrigo aka caffo - Technical Manager

Rodrigo has been working with computers since an early age. He's a software developer turned into a manager (who still loves coding). He's also an avid book reader, coffee enthusiast, and Japan aficionado.

Robert aka Chasetheriver - Poker Operations Lead

Robert started his poker career traveling around the UK live poker circuit back in the '80s and '90s. Having made the transition to online poker, he started working 'on the other side of the table' for a major online poker site in 2005 as part of their collusion team. Robert is a keen online gamer and immensely enjoys games involving cards and wagering, particularly poker and Hearthstone.

Sarah aka rachalse - Player Operations Lead

Sarah loves helping customers and solving problems. Happy customers make her happy! She also loves video games, trying new and interesting foods from food trucks, dark-roast coffee, baking pies, and long walks on the beach. Her trusty, calico cat Lucy is always in her lap while she’s answering tickets.

Patrick aka Pageaux - Volunteer & Poker Operations

An avid gamer, traveler, and dog lover, Patrick has been in gaming support for 3 years. He's helped to release multiple games on various platforms and especially enjoys interacting with devoted players! When not 'working' in games or playing poker, he generally spends his time traveling, going to concerts, and consistently beating his two older brothers in Fantasy Football.

Andrew aka Androosh - CRM Manager

Over the past 6 years, Andrew has supported everything from voip phones to nintendo fanboys. Internet forums are his passion and he's been privileged to serve as the community manager for two large gaming forums. When not behind a screen, Andrew is a keen sports enthusiast and loves working on his car.

Jonny aka GoldenDonkey - Poker Marketing Manager

Jonny has been in the poker industry for 19 years, having experienced the professional life in nearly every aspect of poker. A keen gamer and Twitch streamer, Jonny has been gaming since he was given a Spectrum 48k as a child. Jonny is also an avid fan of sports and fantasy sports, particularly football (soccer?) and his beloved Nottingham Forest.

Vlad aka _catfish_ - Technical Lead

Vlad enjoys programming, automated trading, and an occasional poker game. He spends his spare time traveling and sailing in the Caribbean.

Oriol aka orifito - DevOps Lead

Oriol enjoys managing servers, but only if automation is the key aspect in doing so. He loves gastronomy, taking coffee & tea, sharing beers and fun with friends, sports in general, GIFs, and travelling around.

Mike aka kvokka - DevOps

Mike wrote his first lines of code at the age of 7 and started programming professionally in early 2001. He loves to travel, read, play chess and of course to play poker.

Caio aka caiodv - Sr. Frontend Engineer

Coffee driven developer, Caio started programming over 10 years ago, developing flash websites for advertising agencies. He enjoys spending time with his pets, rock climbing and road cycling.

Kristine aka chipsmama - Player Operations

Kristine has worked in Support for more than 10 years. She loves helping Replay Poker players and finds satisfaction in making sure their issues are resolved promptly. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and her life revolves around her family and dog, Chipper (Chip for short). She's an avid vinyl record collector and uses photography as her creative outlet to document her travels and to tell her family story.

Gustavo aka gustavopoker - Sr. Full Stack Engineer

Gustavo is a full stack software engineer with over 16 years of experience in different projects and technologies. Passionated about traveling and experiencing the world and outdoor sports, he is always chasing the next adventure.


For support issues, start with our Help & Support section which has information about getting started, how to play poker, FAQs and more.

If you need assistance further then head over to our Community Forums where members of the Replay Poker team and players are on hand to assist.

Finally, we offer online support via the (?) button on the top of every page and email support at support@replaypoker.com. We try our best to reply to all messages within 36 hours.

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