Getting Started


Replay Poker is a play money poker site.

It's not a site you can gamble on and you cannot win real money.

Getting set up is super easy -- Replay Poker runs directly in your browser, there is no software you have to download and install.

New Players

As a new registered player you start with 2,500 play money chips in your bank. You increase this amount by winning hands of poker in ring games or winning prizes in tournaments. We also host frequent promotions and offer monthly leaderboards with additional prizes awarded to the top players.

Getting More Chips

You can also gain chips in other ways:

  1. Buy chips. The fastest and simplest way is to buy chips. We now accept payments via debit/credit card, PayPal, and SuperRewards.

  2. Refer friends. For every friend you invite who signs up, we give you AND your friend a bonus of 10,000 chips.

  3. Win achievements. We have many unlockable achievements, each with a special badge that will display on your profile. Keep trying to earn them as you play on the site -- some of them are secret!

  4. Get a free top-up. Anytime you have less than 500 chips, visit the Get Chips page to top-up with up to 2,500 extra free chips.

Ring Games

We currently offer the following games: Texas Hold'em (No Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and Mixed Limit), Omaha (No Limit and Pot Limit), Omaha Hi/Lo (Pot Limit), and Texas Royal (No Limit). These games can be found in the ring game lobby.


We offer two types of tournaments: Sit & Go (SnG) and Multi-Table (MTT). SnGs can start at any time, just as soon as the minimum number of players required have joined. MTTs are scheduled to run throughout the day. Both types of tourneys are listed in the tournament lobby and this is also where you register to enter.

Hand Replays

One of the unique features of Replay Poker is the ability to replay any of your old hands. You can even save old hands and replay them at any time by going to your hands page.

Need More Help?

Our Help Center has the answers to most frequently asked questions.

For further help, check out our forums for player assistance and discussion. You can also reach out to our support team by clicking the (?) button at the top of the page or by emailing [email protected].