Replay Poker Volunteers

Replay Poker is a growing community of passionate poker players from around the world. At the backbone of that community is our family of Volunteers -- a helpful, dedicated and friendly group of players who volunteer their time to help ensure that Replay Poker is a fun place to play your favorite game and that it is accessible in many languages.

How do I become a Volunteer?

First and foremost, our Volunteers are the friendliest players on Replay Poker and encourage good gamesmanship at the tables. Player Reps and Moderators act as Replay Poker’s liaisons with players in the daily game activities, and they report any site issues – technical or otherwise – directly to Support staff. These friendly Volunteers are ready, willing and eager to answer players’ questions about the site or playing poker. We welcome players of all skill levels – Novice, Intermediate and High Rollers – who meet our eligibility requirements as a Volunteer. Our Translators ensure that their language is up-to-date for many of our international players who hail from around the globe.

All Volunteers must meet the following eligibility requirements.

• have a minimum of 6 months playing on Replay Poker.
• have a violation-free account and demonstrated good gamesmanship on tables and through chat.
• have good English language skills.
• are familiar with technology.
• are willing to make a time commitment per week (generally 5 hours per week).
• are able to participate in periodic team meetings (typically on weekends).
• are knowledgeable about site functionality.
• are knowledgeable about Texas Hold’em poker.
• are an active player on the site.

Additional eligibility criteria may be required for specific roles, such as Translators, who would need to be fluent in English as well as the language they would be translating. Role-specific eligibility requirements are presented in our Volunteer Policy Manual, along with a complete list of opportunities for volunteer roles within Replay Poker.

Just send a request for more information to [email protected]. He will be glad to answer questions and send you our Volunteer Policy Manual and application.

You, too, can make a difference! We would be delighted to be able to invite you to join our Volunteer family!