Community Playbook

Welcome to the Replay Poker Community

Thank you for joining the friendliest poker community on the internet! In order to ensure that our players can enjoy our friendly, yet competitive atmosphere, we have a few rules we ask you to follow. While these guidelines don’t encompass every possible situation, we strive to use our best judgment when taking action on an account. This allows us to offer everyone a fun place to play their favorite game.

Code of Conduct

Age Restrictions

Replay Poker is an adult site intended for players age 18 and over.

Multiple Accounts & Sharing

  • You may only have one Replay Poker account.
  • No sharing of accounts – You, and only you, are allowed to use your Replay Poker account.

Usernames, Avatars, and Profile Bios

Please keep it clean and appropriate when it comes to your Replay Poker username, avatar, and profile bio. Don’t use rude words or images, including slurs or hate speech, nudity, or illegal references. We also disallow the use of political and religious figures in order to keep our tables conflict-free. No personal attacks, advertising, or trademarks are permitted.

Chat and Personal Messages

Keep it friendly on and off the tables! We encourage you to get to know other players on Replay Poker, and some good-natured competitive chat is always welcome. However, it’s important that you’re cordial to other players, and avoid the following:

  • Rudeness of any kind, including vulgarity, trolling, impatience, spamming, site bashing, aggressive use of all-caps, or insults.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia, or any targeted hate speech or slurs.
  • Religion and politics. These are sensitive subjects that often lead to conflicts. Keep these discussions off the tables.
  • References to the cards you hold in an active hand, cheating, collusion, criminal activity, or advertisements.

International Players

It's important to note that we are an international site, and we have players from all over the world. We do not discriminate against players who use languages other than English for their chats, but the same rules and penalties apply to all languages. While certain words, phrases and/or images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that the same language or image may have a completely different meaning to players from other countries or cultures. We ask every player to chat respectfully and show courtesy for all other players.


  • Time Clock - Players are entitled to use the clock provided to them on Replay Poker. Please do not react rudely if others are considering their strategy, including spamming “zzz” in chat. However, staff may investigate if players are consistently and intentionally trying to disrupt the flow of play.
  • “All In” Play - Going all-in in No Limit poker, while frustrating to encounter, is not against the rules. We do encourage players to play wisely with their chips and monitor their bankroll.


Nobody likes questionable tactics, especially on a poker site. At Replay Poker we're committed to offering all players a fair and competitive game of poker. Therefore, we absolutely DO NOT tolerate the following:

  • Collusion - a situation in which you and other players work together, either by sharing knowledge or other means, to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Chip dumping - a situation in which you intentionally lose one or more hands to another player in order to transfer play chips between accounts.
  • Soft play - a situation in which you fold a strong hand to “help” a friend last longer in a game. Poker is an individual game, and this behavior is unfair to other players. Note: In order to prevent cheating, we do not allow players from the same household (or anyone sharing the same IP address) to play in the same ring game or tournament where 10 or fewer players are registered.

Reporting Abuse

We appreciate players who show their concern for the integrity of our site by letting us know when violations to Replay Poker’s policies occur.


If a player violates our Code of Conduct, they will receive a message from Replay Poker staff. This message will inform the player of the specific infraction, along with type of penalty (such as a warning, mute, or ban) and duration. This may also include a username change, avatar removal, or a profile edit block. Account moderation is at the discretion of our staff.

Collusion Violations

We do not tolerate any form of collusion. Our Security & Collusion Team actively monitors the site for collusion. When collusion is identified, the Team assesses the severity of the violation. Depending on circumstances, a penalty is imposed -- ranging from a warning to a temporary suspension or even permanent ban -- for all accounts and account owners involved. Chips related to any collusion violations are subject to confiscation by Replay Poker.

Replay Poker Volunteers

Our Player Reps and Moderators are players, just like you, who volunteer their time to help other players on the site. They will answer your questions, remind players of Replay Poker's policies and rules, and handle conflicts on the tables. Volunteers are identified by a call-out beside their name, and their chat displays in a distinctive color. Their presence at the table does not mean they are monitoring a specific player – most often, they are simply enjoying their favorite game of poker.

A player may be reported to a Player Rep or Moderator, who will visit the table and remind the offensive player that the chat is in violation of the rules. The player is expected to stop engaging in inappropriate chat. Disrespecting or attacking a Volunteer is not tolerated.

Bottom Line

We put our community first. We want Replay Poker to be a fun and safe environment for all players. While playing on Replay Poker, you will encounter thousands of other players who share different experiences and come from vastly different backgrounds. We’ve taken great care to ensure that the Replay Poker site provides a welcoming environment to meet new folks and sharpen your poker skills – your personal behavior is entirely up to you. Let’s make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!
Playbook last updated: 12/30/2020