Free Satellite Poker Tournaments – Play Your Way to Big Prizes

Looking to build a big bankroll, rub shoulders with the high rollers and play high stakes tournaments? Satellite poker tournaments can be the fast route to all this and more, giving anyone the chance to qualify for high-value tournaments even if they don’t have the chips to buy in directly.
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Free Satellite Poker Tournaments

What Is a Poker Satellite?

Satellite tourneys work just like most other poker tournaments:
  • Every player starts with the same sized stack
  • The blinds start low but increase at predetermined intervals
  • Players are eliminated until only one remains
The big difference with satellites is in the prizes they pay out:
  • Instead of receiving chip rewards, winning players are awarded tickets for more expensive tournaments
This makes it possible for players with small bankrolls to qualify for high-price tournaments that would usually be out of their price range. The result can be a huge payday for a comparatively tiny outlay – just ask former poker World Champion Chris Moneymaker, who won entry to the 2003 WSOP Main Event via a cheap online satellite and ended up winning the whole thing for $2.5m!

How To Play Satellite Poker Tournaments

The more players that take part, the more tickets a satellite can award, so satellite poker tournaments run as scheduled multi-table tournaments (MTTs) rather than Sit & Go’s. That means you’ll find them under the ‘Multi-Table Tournaments’ tab in the Replay Poker lobby – look for the tournaments colored orange. The name of each satellite will include the word ‘satellite’ and also make clear which target tournament the winners will qualify for, e.g. ‘Satellite to 100K MTT’. Register and play as you would any other tournament at Replay Poker. The number of tickets awarded will depend on the total prize pool, e.g. a satellite to a 100K MTT will award one ticket for every 100K chips in the prize pool, with any remaining chips under 100K awarded as an extra prize place. For instance, if the prize pool totaled 480,000 the above satellite would award 4x 100K MTT tickets, with the fifth place finisher receiving the remaining 80K in chips. Once the number of remaining players is equal to the number of ticket prizes, the tournament will end and players will receive their tickets.
What You Can Win

What You Can Win in a Satellite Tournament at Replay Poker

Tournament tickets are awarded in satellite poker tournaments, with the value of the ticket prizes specified in the name of the satellite. Replay Poker runs satellite tournaments awarding tickets worth 7.5K, 20K, 50K, 100K and 250K.

Ready to Run It Up?

Note that it’s possible to use a satellite ticket to register for another, more expensive satellite in order to parlay a small chip outlay into a huge win. For example:
  1. With 2.5K chips it is possible to buy in to a satellite awarding 20K MTT tickets
  2. That 20K MTT ticket can be used to buy in to a satellite awarding 250K MTT tickets
  3. That 250K MTT ticket can be used to compete in tournaments with prize pools of 10M or more!
Satellite tournaments at Replay Poker are generally played in the Texas Hold’em format. Log in or sign up now and check out the poker lobby to find a satellite tournament starting soon!