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Multi-Table poker tournaments (MTTs) are an exciting way to play the games you know and love, from Texas Hold’em and Omaha to Royal Hold’em and more. You may already be familiar with the classic format of the ring game, where players can buy in, add chips and cash out whenever they please. Sit’N’Go tournaments, which are usually single-table tourneys, are also popular across our various poker games. But what exactly are multi-table online poker tournaments, and why should you play them?
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Play Free Poker MTTs 24/7
The fields are bigger

How to Play Multi-Table Poker Tournaments for Free at Replay Poker

Poker MTTs are knockout competitions, meaning eliminated players can’t simply get more chips and keep playing. What’s more, the blinds rise at set intervals during a tournament, so it’s not possible to simply wait for good hands; it’s important to try and build a big stack however you can. Every entrant pays a set tournament fee to take part, so the cost of playing a tournament is very clear and you won’t find yourself in a position where you might lose more chips than you planned to spend. Eventually one player has all the chips: they’re the winner and are awarded the biggest prize, but multiple players win prizes – usually the top 15-20% of the field. MTTs are available in every poker format we offer, and at a wide range of different stakes, so you’re sure to find one you want to play starting soon. Just head to the ‘Lobby’ and hit the ‘Multi-Table Tournaments tab. You can filter by game type, buy-in, betting limit and more, to make sure you find the perfect tournament for you.

Why Play Multi-Table Poker Tournaments?

MTTs are not only an especially fun way to play poker, they’re also a great way to improve your skills at the table. Here are a few key points to bear in mind.

The fields are bigger

One key ingredient for long-term poker success is experience facing different types of player. It’s one thing playing against the same group of poker buddies every week, but new players bring new challenges and fresh strategies to consider. Any MTT will obviously feature more players than you would find in a single-table tournament or a ring game, exposing you to a greater variety of playing styles and tactics in a much shorter time.

The prize pools are MUCH bigger!

With larger fields, it follows that the prize pools are much larger. Most MTTs will pay around 15-20% of the field, with the biggest payouts reserved for the top spots. Where success in a single-table tournament may reward you with a payout around 4-5x your buy-in (an amount comparable to a good win in a ring game), MTTs often award prizes worth 20x the buy-in or more!

Tournaments teach aggression

As blinds go up in an MTT and the average stacks get smaller and smaller, it’s important to stay active and aggressive. Keep waiting for good hands and you’ll soon see your stack whittled down to nothing, so playing tight from start to finish is not an option – at some point you will have to take a risk. Stealing blinds, using positional advantage and running well-timed bluffs are all key poker skills you can learn by playing multi-table poker tournaments.

You’ll learn survival skills

In a ring game it’s easy to reload more chips, so long as you have them in your bankroll, but in most poker tournaments you only live once! Learning how to protect your stack, when to take chances and when to save your chips for a better situation are all useful weapons to add to your arsenal, and MTTs will hone these skills like nothing else.

Climb the Tournament Leaderboards

Climb the Tournament Leaderboards for even more chips!

Every MTT you play awards tournament points, giving you the chance to climb our leaderboards and receive even more rewards for your best performances! Weekly, monthly and annual progress is tracked automatically, so you don’t need to remember to opt-in. Tournament points are awarded based on the buy-ins of the tournaments you play and your finishing position, with the top placed players receiving huge chip rewards. We’ve got multiple leaderboards to make sure you always have the chance to win more chips, even if you’re not a regular MTT grinder. Select any MTT in the lobby to see which leaderboards it contributes to. Note that freerolls, satellites and heads-up tourneys do not award tournament points.

Weekly MTT leaderboards

Available at a full range of stake levels, our Weekly MTT Leaderboards award points for good performances in any of eight daily No Limit Hold’em tournaments, running around the clock. You don’t need to be a full-time player for a great chance to win, though, as we’ll track both your first seven results of the week, as well as your best seven results of the week, for two separate leaderboards and two chances to win a share of millions of bonus chips! Look for ‘Gemstone MTT League’ in the tournament info box to start earning points for these leaderboards.

Monthly MTT leaderboards

Millions in extra chips are available to players of No Limit Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and Royal Hold’em in our Monthly MTT Leaderboards, with each format having its own prizes to play for. Your best 30 results of the month will be compared with other players of your chosen game and/or stake level, with the top 30 players each month awarded some huge bonuses! Look for ‘Monthly MTT LB’ in the tournament info box to get involved.

Yearly MTT leaderboards

Regular players love our annual leaderboards which collate your best 180 tournament results. Separate leaderboards are available for Texas Hold’em, Royal Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, with three different stake levels available for the popular Texas Hold’em format. You’ll see ‘Yearly MTT LB’ in the tournament info box where a tourney qualifies for these leaderboards.

Regional MTT leaderboards

Further bonus chips can be won by the top performers in more monthly leaderboards, based around results in the following twice-daily tournaments:
  • American Dream
  • Asian Showdown
  • European Culture
  • Oceanic Wave
These tournaments are open to all players, but each is scheduled to start at times most convenient for players in each of the named geographical regions. Look for ‘Regional League’ in the tournament info box to identify these regional MTTs. Check out the MTT Lobby now to find the perfect multi-table tournament for you. Looking for some advice on how to dominate the MTT leaderboards? Check out our helpful community.