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Replay Poker is the home of free-to-play online poker games, with plenty of Texas Hold’em tables available around the clock. But we know that poker doesn’t begin and end with Hold’em! Switching up games is a great way to keep your mind sharp, and there are few other poker games quite as fun as Omaha. What’s more, Omaha poker is a perfect game for Hold’em players to learn, as the two games share so many similarities. If you’re ready to get started just hit the button below, or read on for more on how to play Omaha poker online at Replay Poker.
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How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha plays exactly like Texas Hold’em, just with two key differences:  • Every player receives four hole cards, instead of two  • Your final poker hand must consist of exactly two hole cards and three community cards The first of these differences will make any Hold’em player feel like they have superpowers! Doubling your hole cards gives you more than twice the number of card combinations you’re used to, with four hole cards providing six different two-card combos. As a result, stronger hands are more frequent in Omaha poker. The second difference – the need to use exactly two hole cards – is a simple one but can trip up even experienced Hold’em players at first. Holding the ace of clubs and watching four more clubs come on the board, for example, would usually mean the nuts if you’re playing Texas Hold’em. In Omaha poker, however, unless you have a second club in your hole cards to go with the ace, you don’t have a flush at all! As far as the rest of the game is concerned, if you familiarize yourself with the rules to Texas Hold’em you will be ready to go. Small blinds, big blinds, flops, turns and rivers; the mechanics of the games are identical and the poker hand rankings exactly what you would expect, making Omaha poker online a great choice for any player looking for a new challenge or new favorite game!
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What is PLO Poker?

You may have seen Omaha poker referred to as PLO, which stands for ‘Pot-Limit Omaha’. While no-limit games allow any player to bet all they have at any time, pot-limit games restrict any raises to the size of the pot. This can make pot-sized bets tricky to work out on the fly, as any calling bets you must pay before raising are factored into the pot size. Taking a simple example, if you are under the gun and wish to raise the pot in a 100/200 game with no antes, your total bet would be: (amount to call prior bet) + (total pot) = full amount to raise or 200 (call prior bet) + 500 [100 (small blind) + 200 (big blind) + 200 (call prior bet)] = 700 If that seems like too much hard work, don’t worry: when playing Pot-Limit Omaha poker online at Replay Poker, you can always choose to raise the maximum with the click of a button! We also have plenty of No-Limit Omaha tables available in both ring game and tournament formats.
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Omaha Hi-Lo

With four hole cards giving you the potential to make so many more hands, Omaha lends itself well to the hi-lo format. In Omaha Hi-Lo, as in other ‘split’ poker games, half the pot is awarded to the best high hand, and half awarded to the best low hand – although there is a qualifier for the low hand in that it cannot contain any pairs or cards higher than an 8. The reason this works particularly well in Omaha is that it’s very possible to compete for both halves of the pot, and even win them, given that you can make six different two-card combos with your hole cards. Furthermore, in Omaha Hi-Lo poker flushes and straights do not count against your low land, so a hand like A-2-3-4-5 is unbeatable for the low and may also win the high, as a straight.
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Omaha Poker Community and Resources

Got more questions about Omaha poker? Head to the forum, where friendly players just like you are happy to chat and discuss strategy, rules, tips and advice on Omaha and many other poker topics. Plus don’t miss the latest articles on the Replay Poker Blog, and we’re always happy when our players show us some love on social media!
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Omaha Poker Online Promotions and Leaderboards

At Replay Poker there are always leaderboards and promotions to compete for, giving all Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo players the chance to win kudos, bragging rights and, of course, lots of free chips! Whether you prefer Pot-Limit Omaha or the no-limit version, ring games or tournaments, Sit’N’Go or multi-table tourneys, we’ve got a seat open and a leaderboard for you to climb! Check out our latest promotions.
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Try it For Yourself – For Free!

There’s no better way to learn how to play poker than to dive right in, and at Replay Poker you don’t need to worry about how much those initial ‘lessons’ will cost. Once you’ve read and taken in the advice above, open up a table and try putting those thoughts into action. Good luck, and have fun!
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