Turbo Poker Games & Tournaments

New players and highly skilled poker tournament pros who enjoy Texas Hold’em poker and its variants love the exciting and free Turbo tournaments on Replay Poker! From the very beginning of a player’s Replay Poker experience, increasing levels of Achievement badges are awarded to recognize skill levels, bankroll milestones and social interactions! Free chips, Freeroll tournaments and Free daily bonuses are just a few of the ways players can build their bankrolls!

Turbo tournaments run continuously throughout the day. Texas Hold’em variants include Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo (also called Omaha/8 or Omaha 8-or-better) as well as Royal Hold’em. Royal Hold’em is a unique poker game using only the aces, tens and court cards and is a rarely found on other online sites. Thousands of poker tournaments run each week. A table is ready right now!

Replay Poker’s Turbo Ring games, Sit’N’Go tournaments and multi-table tournaments (MTT) allow players 10 seconds on the game clock to take action during the betting rounds. (Regular speed tables feature game clocks with 20 seconds.) Players can choose between 6-max or 9-max tables or both. In the lobby, Turbo games are marked with a highlighted lightning bolt to the left of the name of the competition.

For even faster action, Quick Bet buttons let players raise a pre-determined amount, such as pot, half pot, twice the bet or all-in. Players can also use Pre-selection Option Buttons (PSOB), such as Check, Fold, Call Any, and Raise when they know the action they want to take when the action gets to them.

Promotions & Leagues

Exclusive weekly poker Leagues are available for players who love Sit’N’Go challenges. Casual players do not need to commit to major blocks of time to be gain a good position on Leaderboards. We feature low, medium and high-stake NL Texas Hold’em in our weekly Sit’N’Go Astral League competitions. All games are Turbo, and players can choose between 6-max or 9-max tables or both. All weekly League finishes also count towards monthly and yearly Sit’N’Go Leaderboard standings. Bonus chip prize pools are generous!

Frequent Global and Flagship promotions provide all players with the chance to practice honing their Turbo poker skills! Exclusive weekly and/or monthly Ring game, Sit’N’Go and/or MTT Rebuy poker promotions are abundant and include generous Guaranteed Prize Pools! Players can track their performance on daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly Ring game and Tournament Leaderboards with millions of Bonus Chips.

Exclusive weekly and monthly poker Leagues offer an even higher level of competitive Ring games, Sit’N’Go and MTT tables and feature all Hold’em formats. Regional MTT Leagues give players in every part of the world a chance at incredible Guaranteed Prize Pools and weekly, monthly and yearly Leaderboard bonus chips.