Play Free Sit and Go Poker Tournaments Online

With free Sit and Go’s it’s easy to enjoy the thrills and challenges of tournament poker, even if you don’t have a lot of time to play. Sit & Go tournaments are single-table tourneys which start as soon as the required number of players have registered. They’re available for a range of different games, stakes, formats and speeds, including fast-paced turbo tournaments. With prizes usually awarded to the top 1/3 of the field, Sit and Go poker tournaments are a great way to build your bankroll without making the kind of time commitments needed to overcome the larger fields of a multi-table tournament.
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How to Play Sit & Go Poker Tournaments for Free at Replay Poker

How to Play Sit & Go Poker Tournaments for Free at Replay Poker

Sit and Go tournaments are available for the following game types: Heads-up (2-players), 3-player, 6-player and 9-player tables can be found in the Sit & Go Tournament Lobby once logged into your account, with filters available to help you find exactly the tournament you’re looking for. Hit ‘Register’ to pay the tournament entry fee, and as soon as the required number of players have done the same your tournament will begin. As in any poker tournament blinds rise at set intervals, making it important to build a big stack and eliminate your rivals. Once knocked out, you can’t simply add chips as you might in a ring game, so survival is key. The last player remaining wins the tournament and the lion’s share of the prize pool, with the runner-up also winning chips in the case of a 6-handed Sit & Go, and the 2nd and 3rd place finishers winning chips in a 9-handed tourney.
Why Play Sit and Go Poker Tournaments?

Why Play Sit and Go Poker Tournaments?

A big appeal of Sit & Go’s is that they condense the excitement of a poker tournament into a manageable play session. Some live poker tournaments can take several days, and even online multi-table tournaments can play out over many hours. Sit & Go tourneys, on the other hand – especially when played in the turbo format – can usually be completed within an hour or so. What’s more, with Sit & Go tournaments running regularly at Replay Poker you will rarely need to wait long for a tourney to start. While they may play out quickly, you can still learn all the lessons tournament play can teach. Lessons such as:
  • The importance of aggression and position
  • When to apply pressure and when to back off
  • Using a big stack to take over the table
  • Surviving with a small stack
  • How to navigate late-game push/fold decisions
  • Laddering-up for bigger payouts
It’s also worth remembering that you will only have to outlast 1-6 players to reach the prize places (depending on the size of Sit & Go you are playing). A multi-table tournament, on the other hand, may require you to survive longer than hundreds of other players.
The prize pools are MUCH bigger!

Earn More Chips with Sit & Go Leaderboards

It’s always fun to have something bigger to shoot for, not to mention the chance to earn a ton of extra chips, which is why Replay Poker automatically tracks your Sit and Go tournament results and places you on our weekly and monthly leaderboards.

Weekly Leaderboards – the Astral SnG Leagues

Rack up good results to climb the weekly leaderboards and win a share of 7,000,000 chips each week! You’ll earn tournament points for every Sit & Go in which you win chips, which will automatically count towards your progress in two leaderboards: one summing up your first 20 tourneys, and one counting your best 20 tourneys. These leaderboards are available across five different stake levels, as follows:
  • Orion League (2.5k buy-ins)
  • Ursa Minor League (7.5k buy-ins)
  • Ursa Major League (20k buy-ins)
  • Andromeda League (50k buy-ins)
  • Pegasus League (100k buy-ins)
Each stake level has separate leaderboards for First 20 and Best 20, and it’s possible to compete in multiple leagues at once. You don’t need to opt-in, we’ll track your progress for you so keep an eye on those leaderboards!

Monthly Leaderboards – Low, Medium and High Stakes

Fans of low stakes Sit & Go tourneys (e.g. those with buy-ins ranging from 1-5,000 chips) can win a share of 1.5 million bonus chips each month. We’ll track your results in the first 120 tournaments you play each month (if you play more than 120, we take your average score across all qualifying tourneys and multiply by 120). The top performers at the end of each month will get their prize chips automatically added to their account. Medium stakes players have the opportunity to win a share of 3.5 million chips each month, playing tournaments with buy-ins ranging from 5,001-50,000 chips. Scoring works just like it does with the low leaderboard, except we’ll track your first 90 tournaments instead of 120. takes players can compete for an extra 5 million chips, playing tournaments with entry fees of 50,001-500,000. For these stakes we’ll count your first 60 tournaments. Want to check on your progress? Leaderboards for all stake levels – for both weekly and monthly rewards – can be found on our Promotions page.