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It’s back! Get ready to compete in our flagship event: RPOS X

September 29, 2022

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It’s an event so big, we put our name on it! The Replay Poker Online Series (RPOS) is back for a tenth year.

This epic event begins Monday, October 3rd! You’ll have the full month to participate, until our Tournament of Champions on Sunday, November 6th. We’ll test your mettle in a wide variety of events, so take some time to practice any formats that could be your weakness!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the events to prepare for:

  • RPOS X kicks off with Satellite Fever, giving you the opportunity to win tickets for the main event! It will have its own special Ticket Hunt Leaderboard, so snag as many as you can. You could earn a share of one million chips per week!
  • League of Legends is back. Join in our 30 special events to aim for the top spot of our five million chip leaderboard!
  • Looking for some high stakes action? Our High Roller Showdown gives you the chance to win millions in chips — and swag!
  • Finally, our Tournament of Champions returns for its second year. If you win any of the League of Legends or High Roller Showdown tournaments, you’ll be invited to an exclusive event for our elite. This year, invitations will pass down if the winner has already qualified. Can you become the champion of champions and earn the right to rename a tournament?

Goatsoup took the top spot during our League of Legends and High Roller Showdown events last year. Can you climb your way to the top this time around? And can you beat out 2021’s ultimate champion morcosborcos?

Join us for the for some amazing autumn action! We have more details about this annual event on our promotions page.