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Learn more about Replay Poker’s private leagues!

April 20, 2023

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One of the strongest aspects of Replay Poker has always been our community of players who make friends and gleefully challenge each other at the tables.

This has paved the way for groups of players to create Private Leagues.

Replay Leagues MTTs are informal events between players who like a good-natured style of play and love to meet the same faces across the felt. But you can be sure there is always an undercurrent of competition.

League members compete in tournaments designed by the players themselves to show off their poker skills. 

One of the most popular formats is so-called “team play,” whereby players score points for their finishing position and propel their informal team to the best score. 

Players have the opportunity to shine in superbly managed competitive leagues, like WILDHORSES and the Donks leagues. These can have up to 50 players per game and multimillion chip prize pools! You can even earn the right to have an event named in your honor.

All this aside, if you are looking for a game amongst Friends where you can chat and not feel under pressure to win every hand, Leagues could be for you.

Here are some insights and testaments from organizers who have worked incredibly hard to build their leagues, about what being involved in a league means to them:

-BlackWidow-: Badonk’s Golden Donks, Badonk’s Silver Donks

As the organizer of the Donks League, our mission is to bring together the best tournament players and host the toughest multi-table tournaments on Replay Poker.

Hosting our league of 150+ active members requires a good deal of work: maintaining our own leaderboards, recruiting and inducting new members, coordinating with oter volunteers, general communication with the membership, and more.

But being the organizer is also rewarding. I particularly enjoy the private messages with appreciative words that I receive from our members from time to time. I have also learned a lot about automating many aspects of day-to-day league operations and about clear communication with a large membership.

Lastly, I simply enjoy playing in our tournaments with friends, many of which I have now known for several years.

12beat22: Barnyard Muckers

Muckers is so rewarding for a couple of reasons. One, it brings people together in a “team” concept that encourages camaraderie with not only their teammates, but the entire league.

Two, with what I said in mind, for every game, we have from 10-12 people watching, rooting and engaging with those who are playing. Nowhere else is this evident.

And lastly, from a personal standpoint, to hear how much people look forward to playing and telling me that Muckers is the best league on Replay is as rewarding as it gets. Running a league isn’t easy at times, but we’ve had Muckers for over 3 years, and have attracted not only some of the best players on Replay, but the BEST people anywhere. Best decision I’ve ever made is forming Muckers.

MCcats: Barnyard Muckers

Given my good experience in another league a friend of mine (12beat22) and I decided to create one of our own called Barnyard Muckers. (Sorry, I am a horse person…). It is a variety of team poker in which each team of up to 6 players assigns one of their members to play one of three games a week. We allow only 9 teams so it is a single-table MTT format and points are assigned based on finish from 1st to 9th. Cumulative points determine the winner at the end of the quarter.

We only accept members of other leagues so we know the people (or know others who do) as we really strive to get the strongest players to make the games highly competitive. That said, our team names like “The Mighty Scratchy Cats” and “Cobra Chickens” give you a sense that serious poker can also encourage a strong sense of humor!

I pretty much only play in leagues now as I enjoy top-quality poker with players I know as well as the social aspect. We send cards and posts of support to members undergoing hardship and celebrate birthdays and other other happy occasions together. We welcome new inquiries and encourage everyone on RP to explore leagues and get to know what it feels like to compete and participate in a real community of players.

SarahFra: Clubhouse Poker

The themed tournaments in Clubhouse allow our members to express both their creative and personal sides, so it’s not ‘just about poker’ but about the people in our league. With our Awareness games, is the opportunity to bring certain conditions and illnesses to light, to provide awareness where there may not be. Every person faces challenges in life, the ability to offer support and understanding is what makes Clubhouse feel like we have a focus on kindness while competing in a game we love, and to me is the most rewarding part of Clubhouse league.

SharonSmarty: Poker Amusement, Dream Weaver Team

Running a league is very rewarding because you have control of times, buy-ins, and members, so you can play the games with who you want to play with at a time convenient for you and friends. I can add or remove members with one easy button which makes it so easy to keep the league running smoothly. Staff has been great and make it easy to change times or add a special game to the league lineup.

I am a member of other leagues also that have been a great way to play with the same people daily. I really can’t remember what it was like before leagues, they have had a positive impact on the time I spend on Replay. Thanks to Replay for making it easy for me to run and offering leagues for people who like to play with friends. Nothing but a positive experience for me and I am sure the members of my leagues are also grateful that we have these leagues to play in.

flashlight: Team Play Poker, International Team Cup

I organize the Team Play Poker League because I love poker, particularly Team Poker. Team Poker is a unique form of poker which involves players working together to help each other. It used to be played at a few now defunct poker sites and I wanted to keep it alive, so I formed the league and brought it to Replay Poker.

I love organizing the League for many reasons, some quite selfish, but primarily because I now have 50 plus genuine friends from all over the world who enjoy the game as much as I do. We may not meet face to face every day, but we do meet every day, we chat every day, we celebrate our highs and lows together, we mourn together and of course we play poker together nearly every day. These players are true friends and a true community

LadyCon: Team Play Poker, International Team Cup

What makes running a league rewarding is definitely the friendships made and the willingness on my team to improve our poker skills by analyzing hands after games. The leagues have created friendships across the world and united people who wouldn´t have known about each other otherwise.

BBSutter: Virtual Bluffers

My friends and I have enjoyed our league play since the beginning of COVID lockdown. Initially, it allowed us to maintain a social connection when in-person gatherings were not possible. Now, we continue our league play because it is a convenient and easy way to enjoy fun, challenging and competitive games among friends on a regular schedule. I introduced all my friends to Replay Poker, many of whom now regularly participate in ring games and public tournaments on the site. Thank you for continuing to support our league, the Virtual Bluffers.