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Let’s say adios to August with our leaderboard winners!

September 1, 2021

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August was another searing summer month, but these leaderboard winners were able to beat the heat while staying cool at the tables!

We kicked off the month with our Royal Rumble, where Zucconi punched their way to the most KOs. We had three winners take to the dance floor in the Hold’em Hustle! morcosborcos took the low stakes, Tiggyxxx claimed medium stakes, and MissAces hustled their way to the top of the high/elite stakes leaderboard.

Let’s hear it for all of our monthly winners:

Monthly SnG LB – Low – Winners: JamesGraham | Herman_100 | littlefish10
Monthly SnG LB – Medium – Winners: sonic1 | CactusKatie | jerrybobboy
Monthly SnG LB – High – Winners: chuckcox | Pakalo | MICKYSAFC
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Low – Winners: vassagodiablo | JKNJ | ClintEastwood
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em Medium – Winners: AliensAreReal | Drasko | ChicagoSerbs
Monthly MTT LB – Hold’em High – Winners: NHLMike0318 | GentleZoo | digger66
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha Hi-Lo – Winners: Area51mutant | Tiggyxxx | Quazar53
Monthly MTT LB – Omaha – Winners: payckcharlie | Trapper55 | PROFIGOLFER
Monthly MTT LB – Royal – Winners: EduPagli | coffee36 | MojoWorking
American League – Winners: tomkat287 | Gulf_gator | ChicagoSerbs
Asian League – Winners: cas- | ChicagoSerbs | alanmorton1
European League – Winners: barry4470 | Galak | DOMPITA
Oceanic League – Winners: bahia7 | LLOYD12 | begoodbrett

September is here and RPOS IX is coming! Make sure to keep an eye on our Promotions Page for more information on how to compete.