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Meet your Replay Team Championship contenders! (Part 3)

May 15, 2020

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It’s time to learn about the next fifteen teams battling it out in the Replay Team Championship. Take a moment to get to know these players — or just size up your competition!

Sick with Friends
Players: bignate, -Sick-, Pokertime82
Profile: Although it’s bignate’s first time playing team poker, he took the reins in putting his team together. His teammate, -Sick-, wanted to play with both him and Pokertime82. These players may not know a lot about each other now, but they respect each other’s playstyles and look forward to the Championship.

The Chosen Ones
Players: ChicagoSerbs, 12Beat22, SClassCoupe
Profile: ChicagoSerbs played in the Championship last year, but has a whole new team this time around! He and 12Beat22 both play in the Donks private league, and they’ve all enjoyed playing with each other. ChicagoSerbs considers both of his teammates to be strong players, and looks forward to playing with friends this time around.

The Crazy Canucks
Players: SilentOutlaw, LLarryG34, coolbob
Profile: This team consists of three close family members from Canada. Since they’ve known each other their whole lives, they’ll be able to work together cohesively. “We look forward to playing in this unique team format using a blend of skill, unpredictability, and madness!” SilentOutlaw says.

The Diehards
Players: Linda1963, ewerthon, Epic-65
Profile: “At the announcement of the Championship, I did not hesitate a minute. I had to be a part of it, and I knew immediately who I wanted to share this moment with,” team captain Linda1963 shares. She was honored when both ewerthon and Epic-65 chose to join her. She describes ewerthon as having a “unique, sometimes intimidating” playstyle, and while Epic is newer, she explains, “From my 25 years of experience as a casino dealer, I can say that Epic has a natural talent for poker.”

The Jackalopes
Players: Starkiller, Slartibartfas, charleyyy
Profile: Starkiller and Slartibartfas are a couple … who met right here on Replay Poker! After seeing each other in person, they fell in love, as Starkiller shares that he’s very grateful that they found each other. He found Charleyyy on the Replay forum, and after playing with each other in a few tournaments, Starkiller finds his skill to be quite impressive. The team is named The Jackalopes in honor of a postcard Slartibartfas sent from her home state of New Mexico.

The Last Dance
Players: PepinoDeMar, buscorival, fran_barto

The Laughing Buddhas
Players: butch1941, DeafTiger, pj_bhai

The newmembers
Players: elibo, Annoue, Banjo777
Profile: This is another team who connected via the Replay Poker forum. All three players have been on the site for less than a year, but they look forward to participating in this team competition. “You can have a bad week, but your teammates could have a better one,” elibo says.

The Untouchables
Players: grapevine, Johno59, Tiandra
Profile: These players have been friends for years, even before they found Replay Poker. After participating last year, the three of them had a successful run, and knew they wanted to team up again. Captain grapevine says it’s exciting to get caught up in the atmosphere, with so many rooting for their teams. “Playing in a team is both more nerve-racking and exciting than solo poker because you feel so much desire to play well for your teamies,” she says. Fortunately, they have an important strategy: “Close our eyes and hope we get good cards! Probably with a glass of wine by our side to give us Dutch courage!”

The Whamos
Players: Netter1, Tamo734, Gramma3434
Profile: “We teamed up again this year because we have fun playing, and I have two great team members,” Netter1 describes. Though they didn’t place last year, and plan to switch up their strategy, Netter1 emphasizes that they’re playing for fun — no pressure!

Triple Barrel Bluff
Players: RandolphR, JH7M, pyriclastic
Profile: RandolphR, who frequently livestreams Replay Poker tournaments on his Twitch channel, put together a team with someone he met on the forum, along with a friend he met through a high school business class. “We had to do a business plan project, and our business was poker software that would teach people how to play poker by having them play against the software. So when he responded that he was interested I was super excited to continue our poker related journeys,” he explains.

Ur Life Pal
Players: ura33, Sikopal, Lifesong
Profile: Team captain ura33 tells us that this group teamed up because their play styles complement each other — along with just being pleasant to be around. When it comes to playing as a team, she says, “You have to consider there is a higher purpose than selfish goals, and you are accountable to your team members. We all continue to regard even a Championship as just a game, and it is all about our participation and the pleasure of it.”

Players: marklou, crum1850, will_lira
Profile: These Replay Poker volunteers teamed up last year, and had a great showing. This time around, they plan to try even harder and play safe. “I like being on a team because it seems to be lots of fun having to depend on others besides ourselves,” marklou explains.

We’re Not Ourselves
Players: moeron, tomkat287, RavenL

Players: wildpokerdude, KKBigFish, Grinder101
Profile: wildpokerdude found his teammates on the Replay Poker forum. This is his first time trying out team poker, and he thinks that it will be an interesting promotion.

Join us in learning a bit more about our next group of teams soon! We have nearly twice the amount of registered teams than last year, so there’s plenty of content to come. Good luck, contenders!