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Meet your Replay Team Championship contenders! (Part 4)

May 19, 2020

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It’s time to introduce our next round of potential champions! Read on to learn all about these Replay Team Championship contenders.

Teams are listed in registration order. Our last teams will be included in our upcoming final post.

Players: chuckcox, crosby63, RJStanchfield
Profile: Players chuckcox and crosby63 played in last year’s promotion and placed third in the overall Championship! They’ve teamed up again this year, and brought in RJStanchfield into the mix. These friends are all part of the Golden Donks private league, and hope to have as much fun as they did last time around.

Beauty with the Nuts
Players: Tazzie, Duster58, Sunflower2020

66monsters and maniacs66
Players: JerryManiac, 66mon66, Gimmiemonster
Profile: Team captain JerryManiac says that he and his teammates have much respect for each other’s game. He explains, “All three of us show dedication to promos and improving our games so that we were consistently ranking and sometimes even winning not just the individual tourneys, but the daily leaderboards as well.” Though other teams may be more experienced in team play, he believes they can get far due to their drive to win.

The Pod Squad
Players: podner, mrzick, Bufude
Profile: podner explains that he wasn’t able to participate last year because of schedule conflicts, but now that most people are staying inside, he was able to commit. After checking the Replay Poker forum, he saw two familiar names looking for a team: mrzick and Bufude. As he admires both of their playstyles, they decided to team up. They have their eyes set on the grand prize!

The Clover Clan
Players: cas-, PTSpade, angelbabyblue
Profile: These players teamed up because they each feel that all of them are both good players and friends. cas- shares that their team name comes from the three of them being united in the Championship. They’re looking forward to fun and doing as well as possible!

The Breakfast Club
Players: Matchstk, bahia7, Sassy_Sarah
Profile: These 80s pop culture aficionados teamed up again this year through their enthusiasm for playing in promotions and climbing leaderboards. As they’ve had fun playing against each other for years, they look forward to the opportunity to compete with each other instead. Matchstk shares how they plan to win this time around: “As for our strategy in this year’s RTC, we intend to … (transmission interrupted).” Weird – must be a technical glitch!

magical madness
Players: minksnopes, lefty1944, johnoliver
Profile: After Lefty1944 reached out to minksnopes to participate in the Championship, they decided to form a team together. They added johnoliver, a longtime friend of minksnopes, who he considers to be a terrific player. “I chose the name because I deem what we see here is magic and madness in a fun way. Where else can one find such pleasure playing this magical game of madness for free?” minksnopes shares.

Chip Bandits
Players: pompeyb120, barredapollo, LadyCon

Argentos Team
Players: Die83, rfernan, Patitonew
Profile: These Argentinian players met while playing tournaments together. They look forward to playing as a team together, as it’s a brand new experience for all of them.

We’re 3 of a kind
Players: funlovenit2, morcosborcos, dyanky
Profile: Captain funlovenit2 has a hilariously unexpected reason she wanted to play with morcosborcos: “He picked me, but I realized it is a good choice because morcos is the most annoying player on earth, and this way it’s guaranteed we don’t have to play against each other.” On the other hand, she’s excited to play with dyanky because she considers him an excellent player with a great attitude. The appeal of team play? She says, “Sharing (especially the blame) is caring! :)”

Hook ‘Em
Players: Carpinator, Bouchet, Killshoot
Profile: While these players recently met through the Replay Poker forum, they’ve already found that they have plenty in common. All of them are retired, have played poker both online and off for years, and care deeply about improving their game. As a fisherman who has tied flies for 40 years, Killshoot feels their team name represents what he’s working to perfect: when to set the hook. When it comes to playing on a team, Carpinator looks forward to huddling up to share their experiences — what worked and what didn’t. She ends with, “Watch out for the Yank on the line, we’ll be setting the hook.”

The Ratpack
Players: NatePlax, vb88, icedcats
Profile: These players have been friends since high school, and are now all wrapping up their freshman year at the same college! Their name comes from a nickname given to them by their calculus teacher, as they were frequently on the same teams for various events throughout school. “I don’t have that much experience playing poker compared to a lot of the others in the tournament, but have been really trying to get much more serious about it and would like to play in some more high pressure scenarios,” NatePlax explains.

Players: Zack_Yzen, TanLion, Teddy_Grante

Crazy Cougars
Players: RockStone, CYN51, WATCHOUT8
Profile: RockStone and CYN51 played together in last year’s tournament. CYN51 has spent time making masks and donating them — and even sent RockStone a couple of them! This time around, they recruited WATCHOUT8, who RockStone describes as a “sharp player and a nice guy.” Team play requires you to be on the top of your game so you make good decisions for your fellow players. RockStone shares, “I will probably play my normal game, but I have added some surprises. ;)”

Players: lilknife, durrrrrrrp, street4

Players: johnwsal, litenin, jessieggg

Players: BeeSlick, RD2222, wonwom
Profile: BeeSlick and RD2222 regularly play in tournaments together, so they decided to team up. Their third teammate came on recommendation of Mystrygirl. As they respect her playstyle, they formed up! BeeSlick says he likes the idea of team play since it’s not common, and he’s coaching his team to *not* chase cards.

9 Vincent
Players: devbluff, DineroEater, DontTestme76
Profile: This is a father and son team — two sons, in fact! They just learned how to play while staying home over the past few weeks. devbluff shares, “Our strategy is the same as basketball, ‘Be aggressive, BE-E aggressive.'”

A big welcome to these fantastic teams! We’re excited to see how you perform throughout the event. Which team are you watching?