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November’s Hand of the Month

December 5, 2018

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If we thought last month’s contest was tough, we had no idea what we were in for! November had double the amount of entries October did, and we really appreciate everyone’s participation. There were a wide range of hands, and some real corkers, so as usual, it was quite a challenge to decide. Great work, everyone!

Before we announce the winner, here are this month’s honorable mentions: puggywug, JuiceeLoot, WILDCAT15, Rox-Zee and Coolcat777.  You all really made it a struggle to choose.

Without further ado, your Replay Poker Hand of the Month winner for November is … TelegramSam! This Omaha Hi/Lo hand is a good lesson in protecting your hand.

Let’s take a look at the replay:


We begin this hand in the 150k Daily Freeroll event, with blinds at 300/600. TelegramSam is dealt the 6h Ts 3s 2s in the Big Blind.

jdwink1952 starts the hand off with a limp on the button with Aces, and hase72 comes along for the ride in the small blind with Kings. TelegramSam then checks their option.

Would you make the same actions as these players? What is your reasoning why?

The Flop

Well, this is certainly an action flop! We have a set of Aces for jdwink1952, a set of Kings for hase72, and a wheel gutshot draw for TelegramSam.  It’s hard to choose cards from the deck for the flop and come up with a more action orientated board!

hase72 leads out for 600, which is called by both other players.  

What would you have done in these players shoes? Would you slow play? Would you check-raise? What is the reasoning for your choices?

The Turn

After such an exciting flop, the Jack of Diamonds adds some intrigue to the situation. The former nuts is now just a set.  This card can not help any low hunters, only the hi hunters.

The turn is checked to jdwink1952, who bets 600 and both players call.

Would you check or bet in this situation? What would be your plan if you did check? Would you call a full pot bet as TelegramSam did here?

The River

After both bets are called, the river appears, and it’s the Four of Hearts, completing a low draw, with no possibility of a flush. This creates the ultimate nuts for TelegramSam, who has both the best high and low hand.

Hase72 checks and TelegramSam bets 3,387 chips. They are called by both players, and TelegramSam scooped up a huge pot of just over 16,000 chips!

How would you play the river as each player? What would you have differently over the course of the hand?

We thought this was an interesting lesson in sandbagging the best hand. Could the hand have been a different result if one player action was changed?

TelegramSam noted in the submission, “The two players who lost were slow-playing, allowing the ultimate winner to attain the nuts on the river.

Let us know your thoughts in the forum and you could have a chance to win 50,000 free chips for commenting!

Thank you to all of you who submitted a hand for November. Keep the entries coming in and let’s see what December’s Hand of the Month is like. We have 500,000 chips ready for the player whose hand we select!