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October’s Hand of the Month

November 5, 2018

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October was a tough month in terms of judging our new Hand of the Month promotion. There were some truly excellent entries, so thanks to each and every one of you who contributed to a (good) nightmare for our Poker Ops team.

Because we had such great entries, before we announce this month’s winner, we’d like to give some people a shout-out as honorable mentions: MickiFin, steverace, vtpcwizard, and -Sublime-. You all had some real stand-out submissions, but ultimately, we could only choose one winner.

Your Hand of the Month winner for October is …big7slick! Let’s take a look at the replay here:


Our hand takes place in a 10k buy-in MTT. big7slick starts the hand at the 20/40 level and has pocket threes in the big blind. Five people limp. big7slick decides to check. Do you check here or do you raise?

The Flop

If big7slick hit this flop any harder, the table is likely to collapse. They find a gin flop of 8-9-3 rainbow. It is truly likely that big7slick has the best hand, and the number of draws available are limited to straight draws.

big7slick is first to act and elects to check. Would you check or bet here? What is your plan if you choose to check?

Chuck_55 leads for the full pot and is called by two players. Would you bet here as Chuck_55? Would you call as the other two players in the pot?

When the action returns to big7slick, the price is 260 into a pot of 1,040. What is your action and why? big7slick selects the raise option and makes it 520, would you bet the same, more or less? Would you call as one of the other players?

The Turn

Unbeknownst to big7slick, the turn card is a disaster! Two players both think they have caught lightning in a bottle with the ten of diamonds, giving them both straights, queen high and ten high.

The pot is 2,340 and big7slick is first to act with 2,225 remaining in their stack. What would you do in this situation? big7slick bets 1,170 and the next two players are all-in. What would you do here? Would you think you had the winning hand?

As all the chips go into the middle of the table, big7slick gets the devastating news that they are in fact behind, but have outs. Can you tell us what percentage chance big7slick has to win? (Show your work!)

The River

This hand started with big7slick as having the best hand, and finishes up in the same scenario (albeit after a rollercoaster ride!) as the river is the eight of spades, completing a full house for big7slick and leaving their opponents talking to themselves on the way out!  

We felt that this was an exciting and interesting hand to share with the community with plenty of ups and downs and a very interesting turn card. We look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts on the hand in the forum, where you could win 50,000 chips for participating!

We’ll leave you with a comment from the winning entry which summarizes the hand perfectly, courtesy of big7slick:

Both top and bottom straights got there, so they drew out on me, but then I drew out on them!”