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Private ring games are now available on Replay Poker!

June 24, 2020

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Have you been looking for a site that allows you to play recreational poker, exclusively with friends? We’ve added a new feature to Replay Poker: Private Tables!

To create a private ring game with your friends, start by clicking the upper right drop-down menu:


You’ll then see the private table creation page. Replay Poker currently offers two table types, both NL Hold’em with 1/2 stakes. Aquarium is a fast-speed table, and Artificial Lake is normal speed. Click on the table you want to host, then choose Create Private Table.

After you set up your private ring game, you’ll see your new table! At the bottom of this screen is a unique link associated with your account. Copy this link and send it to anyone you’d like to play poker with, including any new players you’d like to invite. You can share via PM, social media, or however else you communicate with your friends!

Your table will automatically close after ten minutes of inactivity, but you can open a new one again whenever you’re ready.

We hope you enjoy these new tables, and have many plans to improve them and add features. If there’s anything you’d like to see, please share your thoughts with us below.