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Win Free Chips with Brand New Missions!

December 13, 2022

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At Replay Poker it’s our mission to provide players with the best social poker experience anywhere online. But what’s your mission?

That’s an easy question to answer thanks to our new missions feature, available now for all Hold’em ring game players!

These challenges have been designed to bring even more fun to your time at Replay Poker, with great rewards awaiting those who complete them.

What Are Missions?

We’ve thrown down the gauntlet with some simple poker goals for all our players. You have several available at any one time, so there’s always something to work towards.

Missions might encourage you to try a few new things – multi-tabling Hold’em ring games, for example – but you won’t ever be forced to play higher stakes than you’re used to, or to do anything you don’t want to do.

Each completed mission rewards you with free chips, and you have 24 hours to complete as many as you can. Don’t worry if you can’t complete them all, though, as you’ll get a whole new set of missions every 24 hours.

Does Everyone Get the Same Missions & Rewards?

No – everyone’s missions will be tailored to the games, stakes and volume of their own play, so they should fit right into your regular poker routine.

And just like the missions themselves, the rewards you receive will be personalized to you and the play you put in to achieve success in your missions. Those that require more time or commitment will pay off in bigger ways than easier, quicker missions, but which missions you want to take on is always up to you.

How Is Mission Progress Tracked?

With a simple click of a button! You’ll see a missions widget at the top of every Hold’em ring game table, as well as in your dashboard and in the lobby. Just give it a click to check your progress towards all your missions, at a glance, as well as the chips you’ll receive for each completed mission. You’ll also see the time remaining until missions re-set.

Finish all your missions before the 24 hours is up and you’ll receive a further chip bonus as an extra reward!


Okay, So What Do I Have to Do?

Nothing! We don’t want to disrupt the good time you’re already having at Replay Poker, so if for whatever reason you don’t want to engage with missions, we’ll make sure you won’t be missing out.

That’s because missions are set, progress is tracked and chip rewards are paid automatically. What’s more, you can make progress towards multiple missions at the same time, just by playing the games you love.

If you take no notice of missions at all, but still end up completing some through your regular play, the chips will be paid into your account just the same.

Which Games Will Count Towards Mission Progress?

At the moment our missions are centered around Hold’em ring games, but watch this space – we’re keen to roll out more missions for all Replay Poker players!

Check out your personalized missions now via the missions widget, and if you have any feedback or ideas for new missions we’d love to hear them! Check out the missions FAQ to find out more.