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Replay Leagues: What is Team Play Poker? by JenGen7

October 26, 2023

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Have you heard of private leagues at Replay Poker? In this article, player JenGen7 chats with a fellow league organizer, flashlight, to highlight one format that’s become particularly popular on the site — team poker.

Simply put, Team Play Poker, or TPP, as those of us league players call it, is a Replay Poker league that sponsors multiple playing formats for teams. TPP was started and is managed by Lyle, aka flashlight. I sat down with Lyle to learn more about what makes TPP tick. 

I’ll be honest, being a lifelong poker player, I never heard of actual team play poker where it is acceptable and expected that you will pass and receive chips from your teammates while in the game. Until I came to Replay. But I have learned to enjoy team play very much. I had a bit of a learning curve but the more I play the more confident I become in my team playing skills. 

What I learned from my chat with Lyle:

Why did you start the Team Play Poker League?

I used to play Team Poker in a League on another site, but the site was sold, and the Team League was abandoned. I missed the Team game so much I decided to start a new Team League elsewhere. After a trial at Poker Stars in 2017 we moved to Replay Poker, primarily because Replay has a much better “community”.

Why do you think players enjoy playing poker in teams? 

It’s unique, it’s challenging and above all it’s fun. Team play creates a great sense of community and players become close friends. In all sporting codes, Team Play dominates.

How does an individual player learn to team play and join a league? 

Players learn by watching and playing. It’s pretty easy to pick up the basics, then it’s simply a matter of “on the job” training (learning how your team and teammates play). Joining a League is easy, just go to the Replay main page, click on the little down arrow (Top Right), select Leagues, select the League you wish to join and follow the instructions. If you wish to join a Team Play League there are 4, Team Play Poker (the Original), Barnyard Muckers, Dream Weavers, and the Early Bird Leagues. All offer genuine team play but all differ slightly, so many play in all 4.

Thanks for sharing with us, Lyle.

For me learning to league play has helped sharpen and improve my poker skills while offering a fun and exciting twist to the game. Not to mention team and league playing have brought lifelong poker playing friends into my world. If you are a Replay member and you are interested in learning more about joining a league, follow Lyle’s instructions above. Hope to see you team playing in a Replay league soon!