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The great poker debates!

November 23, 2022

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Poker games have many potential features, and most players have opinions — and a lot of them! In this post, we share a few examples with their pros and cons.


Should players be able to come back after they bust out in a poker tournament?

Yes. If someone is on the wrong end of a bad beat, they should be able to start over. It’s just like a new player joining the tournament, anyway!

No. Some people like to play recklessly and gamble to try to get a big stack. It’s not fair to the players with less money to rebuy.

Late Registration

Yes. When you are looking for a game, there are more available if you can join the ones that just started. The prize pool can get bigger and bigger, and you can join after players are out, making their entry seem like extra prize pool.

No. There is a start time, and the registration is open for plenty of time beforehand. You sometimes find the number of players increases to such an extent that it lasts much longer than expected.

Left or right of an aggressive player or bluffer

Some people want to sit to the left (after) an aggressive player, so they can fold to the heavy action and not be tempted to get involved too often.

Others believe that they can call much lighter if they are on the right and see all the action around the table. They also like having the bluffer to their left, as it means they can try to check-raise more often, knowing there is likely to be a bet.

Omaha or Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha poker requires a high skill level because of the multiple card drawing combinations possible, and you don’t have the escape route of a low hand.

On the other hand, Omaha Hi-Lo demands even more agile math, as well as reading your opponents to judge if your weak holding is good or not.

PL, FL or NL

No Limit means that your entire stack is at risk. Pot Limit and Fixed Limit reduce your chances to successfully bluff or push tight opponents of their hands.

No Limit can be all over pre-flop, whereas Pot Limit and Fixed Limit offer the chance to consider pot odds and make intuitive decisions.

Post or wait when you join a table

Should you wait for a hand if you join the table in the seat to the right of the dealer?

If you post a big blind and join the action, you have position on everybody at the table apart from the button player in the betting and have late position in the next two or three hands as well.

But if you wait, you can check out the players in the game for a few hands if you are not familiar with them all.

Run it twice

Yes. It gives you a chance to hit your huge draws instead of busting out and it encourages bad players to hang around too long in too many marginal pots. (Be careful you are not one of them!)

No. It slows down the game, and even though bad players can chase, it makes it much harder to scoop a whole pot.


Anything we missed? Share your opinions with us below!