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What are the best poker games to play?

June 15, 2023

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It is the question on everyone’s lips: “What are the best poker games to play? Where do I start?”

Well, here’s a quick and easy guide to the great value games at Replay where we make it easy for everyone to win free chips.

Look for games which fit the following description:

  • Freeroll
  • Guaranteed (GTD)
  • Added Chips
  • Leaderboards and Leagues
  • Seasonal Promotions


A freeroll is free to enter. There is a prize pool, which could be either chips or tickets. You can play and learn at no risk, and hopefully come away with a prize which you can use in more games.

Examples on Replay:

  • 100K Community Freeroll
  • 100K Free Satellite
  • 100K Daily Freeroll
  • 100K 7 Card Stud Freeroll

Guaranteed (GTD)

A GTD prize pool means that you know the minimum amount you will be playing for, plus give you a realistic estimate of how many players are expected to register.

A guaranteed prize pool will often exceed the guaranteed amount. This happens when chips collected in entries (and rebuys if they are allowed) exceed the GTD amount.

Guaranteed prize pools can sometimes be tickets, if the tournament is a ‘Satellite‘.

Examples on Replay

  • Satellite to 20K, 2,500 entry, Guaranteed 5 x 20,000 ticket
  • Oceanic Wave 7,500 entry, Guaranteed 500,000 chips
  • End of the Road, 250,000 entry, Guaranteed 5,000,000 chips

Hot tip! Do you know what overlay is?

Overlay is the amount of chips added by the site when the guarantee is not met and chips are added by the site. If a tournament rarely meets its guaranteed prize pool from player entries, it could be worth checking out.

Examples on Replay:

  • Cat’s Eye 2,000 entry and GTD for 150,000, usually has 50 to 60 entrants.
  • Satellite to 250K, 20,000 entry (and rebuys), GTD 4 x 250,000 ticket, usually has 15 to 25 entrants.
  • Royal Ruckus and Royal Rumble. Both are 50,000 entry and GTD for 1,000,000, but usually have between 15 and 20 players.

Added Chips

Added chips are automatically added to the prize pool by the site, regardless of how many player participate.

Examples on Replay:

  • Bankroll Builder (B&R), 20,000 free chips are added to every tournament.
  • Bankroll Builder, 20,000 free chips are added to every tournament.
  • ALL 7 card Stud MTTs, 25,000, 75,000 or 100,000 are added to ALL 7 Card Stud MTTs, depending on the buy-in.

Leaderboards and Leagues

Leaderboards will give away further chips to the best performers in certain tournaments or promotions.

  • All the Astral SnG tiers have a weekly leaderboard.
  • Astral Orion has 2 x 250,000 weekly leaderboards.
  • Astral Pegasus has 2 x 2,500,000 leaderboards.
  • Weekly, monthly and annual leaderboards for all stakes of Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Royal MTTs and SnGs.

Seasonal Promotions

Regular exciting and challenging games for up to a whole month, testing your abilities or endurance.

Examples on Replay to watch for:

  • Replay Rungood Rake Race. Play in your regular ring games and earn points towards a weekly leaderboard for free chips.
  • Replay Team Championship for seven weeks each summer. Free to enter with friends!
  • Replay Poker Online Series (RPOS) every September for four weeks. Low-stake satellites with added free chips and a week of guaranteed MTTs with additional prizes on leaderboards.
  • Replay Winter Games every spring. Three weeks of individual daily games of all types (SnGs, ring games, and MTTs) with a daily leaderboard for more free chips.
  • Plus many more regular promotions running for a week, or even a weekend!