2020 RWG - Overview

The Winter games are coming.....are you ready?

This February at Replay, we are proud to announce the return of The Replay Winter Games! From Monday, February 24th through Thursday, March 12th join your friends at Replay for 18 days of intense winter game competition, featuring over 40,000,000 free chips in prizes!

The Replay Winter Games is a multi-disciplinary promotion, testing all facets of poker play. Each of the eighteen days brings a brand new event and with it, a daily 1,000,000 free chip leaderboard to track your performance in each event.

Can you pull off the Triple Lutz in figure skating? Does your country have a bobsleigh team? Do you have what it takes to take home a Replay Winter Games Gold medal?

Each daily leaderboard will pay out 1,000,000 free chips, and some events will have more than one leaderboard to compete for. But that is not all, each daily leaderboard will award either a Gold, Silver, Bronze, Tin or Chocolate medal for your country!

We will be tracking each medal to see which country is the best performing over the course of the 18 days, you can view the Medal Table to see how your country is faring. You can also join in the "Who's the best?" debate on the Forum.

Back for 2020 is our Forum Prediction Contest Do you think you are able to predict the top 5 finishing countries? You could win yourself a mountain of free chips by entering our wonderful contest Simply head over to the forum and post your top 5 medal winning countries to be in with a chance to win.

As a show of support to your nation, for the duration of the event, we encourage you to change your avatar to the flag of your nation. This way you can clearly and easily see who is on your team and adds to the excitement of the event.

You can view more on each individual event from the schedule below, it will contain all the information about rewards and how you can earn them.


Click here to view the schedule.

Important Notes:
- Your country is the one that is on your profile. Sadly we are not able to change your country for the duration of the event. The flag on your profile is that of your ISP.
- Medals are a representation of victory, they have no value and can't be used to enter events.
- The Medal Table is manually updated each day.
- There are no rewards for the Medal Table (aside from the pride and adulation of your fellow country-people), it simply tracks which countries are leading the competition.