Bust the Staff!

Bust the Staff! is a special monthly NL Texas Hold'em knockout tournament that runs every third Thursday of the month and gives you the chance to face off against members of the Replay Poker Staff and even more!

The tournament has an added prize pool of up to 4 million chips and a special bounty prize of 50,000 chips for every member of staff you eliminate from the tournament. Staff members are not the only players with bounties on their heads! To make the tournament even more exciting, every Replay Volunteer has a 10,000-chip bounty, too. And, if that isn't enough, players' buy-in is paid out as a chip bounty on every player who is knocked out during the tournament!

You can easily spot a staff member -- they have a red star next to their name on the game table!

Last but not the least, a yearly leaderboard featuring a boosted prize pool of 10 million free chips is available. At the end of the calendar year, the Top 100 players who accumulate the most knockouts in the 12 Bust the Staff tournaments of each year will claim their share!

With a buy-in of just 10,000 chips, everyone can play! Will you be the last player standing?

Next Event Date Time ET Buy-in Format Prize Pool Player Bounty Staff Bounty Registration
Thursday, June 20th 14:00 10K chips NL Hold'em 4 Million 5K chips each 50K chips each Register Now

Use promo code: BTSTICKET to get a free entry ticket. Promo code is valid in June. To redeem it, simply visit your Bank Page.

Below are results from the May 2024 Tournament -- the staff who were busted out and by whom:

Staff Role Finished Busted Out By
lawm033 Poker Team 25th Place cornfield1128
fizzymint Community Team 54th Place RiverPirateSr
Copy91 CRM Team 210th Place SITE-IS
rachalse Community Team 211th Place Tekkno
Androosh CRM Team 243rd Place DpDaBoi
chipsmama Community Team 270th Place hutch1954
prettybad DesignTeam 274th Place nothing2lose
kick_start Tech Team 332nd Place pierre92290
Chasetheriver Poker Team 369th Place Riska5970

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