Rocket to 1 Million

Get set for a special edition of your favorite 'Stairway to 1 Million', only this time, it's the 'Rocket to 1 Million'. For one week only, from April 15th till April 21st, we're speeding up your journey to the top and making it easier to secure that massive 1 million chip tournament ticket!

Check out how 'Rocket to 1 Million' challenge works:

STEP 1: Just like before - top two players level up to Step 2, and the 3rd gets to retry.

STEP 2: Here's the twist - only five players now. Top two make it to Step 3, and the 3rd gets another chance.

STEP 3: It gets even tighter - only four players around. Top two zoom up to the final showdown in Step 4.

STEP 4 (Final Stage): Three's a crowd - this is where one winner snatches the 1 Million Chip Ticket, but the runner-up gets another shot.

So, with 'Rocket to 1 Million', you'll tackle fewer opponents at each step, making for a speedier climb to the top! Plus, use promo code: ROCKET and you'll get 3 X FREE 7.5K tickets to join Step 1 of the Stairway, on us!
Promo code is valid April 15-21. Can be redeemed only once.

Need a reminder of how the 'Stairway to 1 Million' works? Just click here.