Stairway to 1 Million

Are you ready to up your game and rake in a seriously big payoff? Replay Poker is excited to unleash our newest competition format: "Stairway to 1 Million".

This is an absolute game changer where you can hustle from a humble stack to grabbing a whopping 1 million chip tournament ticket!


Stairway to 1 Million is an exciting four step qualification journey where playing 6-max SnGs can help you get from a short stack to a 1 million chip tournament ticket.


Step 1
Get started with any 7,500 ticket or 7,500 chips, and you’re off and running! The top two players earn a Step 2 ticket. Third place? No worries! You get a Step 1 ticket to get back in the game.

Step 2
Entry is a 20,000 (or Step 2) ticket. Make it to the top 2, and you're onto Step 3. Land in third? No problemo! You get a do-over with a Step 2 ticket.

Step 3
Entry is a 50,000 (or Step 3) ticket. Things get real here as this becomes 'sudden death', and only 3 out of 6 players progress to a seat in Step 4.

Step 4
It’s time for the grand finale - winner take all! First place pockets a mega valuable 1 million chip ticket, which can be used in any of our eight 1 million entry MTTs AND either the 6 or 9 max 1 million entry SnG. Entry for this final step is 100,000 (or Step 4) ticket.


  • Step tickets are valid for 1 month.
  • Only Step 1 can be entered with chips.
  • Entry to Step 2 and above can either be entered by going through the steps process, or by using any streak ticket or standard tournament ticket.

What are you waiting for? This is your chance to take on a new poker challenge and show what you're made of!
You'll find the Stairway to 1 Million tournaments in light red in our SnG Lobby.