Bankroll Builder

Bankroll Builder tournaments are perfect for those who wish to grow their bankroll and practice refining their strategy for tournaments. A special set of tournaments designed to help those who want to reach the next level in their games.

Bankroll Builder tournaments feature two kinds of events; the first is an unlimited rebuy event with a buy-in of 500+R (with an optional add-on of 2000 tournament chips for an additional 500). A rebuy period of 24 minutes makes these NL Texas Hold'em tournaments ideal for all players who want to build up their bankrolls.

To purchase a rebuy, then simply click on the dealer tray at the table, players may rebuy whenever they have 1,500 chips or less, meaning you can rebuy immediately. You may only rebuy during the first 24 minutes, after which players will have a window to purchase an add-on of 2,000 chips.

The second kind of tournament is a traditional freezout event, with a 1,000 chip entry freezeout.

Both tournaments feature an added prize pool of 20,000 chips per event!

Bankroll Builder tournaments appear in green in the MTT lobby.

Head over now to the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby and register to join the fun!

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