Satellite Tournaments

Ever wanted to play a bigger tournament, but the bankroll is saying "NO!"? Well this is your chance to win an entry to a bigger event, without upsetting your bankroll!

The Satellite Tournaments run throughout the day and feature a ticket prize that gives free entry into larger tournaments.

We currently offer two formats of daily satellites:


These events occur daily and are free to play satellite tournaments with 150K worth in added tickets!

Day 03:45 ET 07:45 ET 11:45 ET 15:45 ET 19:45 ET 23:45 ET
Every Day 60 x 2.5K Tickets (Top 30) 30 x 5K Tickets (Top 18) 10 x 15K Tickets (Top 9) 60 x 2.5K Tickets (Top 30) 30 x 5K Tickets (Top 18) 10 x 15K Tickets (Top 9)


These satellite tournaments feature a buy-in and have a fixed prize pool in tickets.

Tournament Name Start Time (ET) Buy-in Prize Pool Paid Positions
Satellite to 5K MTT 02:45 - 10:45 - 22:30 2K 30 x 5K Tournament Tickets TOP 20
Satellite to 15K MTT 01:30 - 19:45 2K 10 x 15K Tournament Tickets TOP 9
Satellite to 50K MTT 04:45 - 14:45 - 21:45 3K+R or 5K 5 x 50K Tournament Tickets TOP 5

Head on over to the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby and register for the Satellites.

Interested in learning about all our Hold'em varieties? Check out the exciting game rules at our Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.

Good luck!