Guaranteed Tournaments

High Value reaches an extreme level in our Guaranteed Tournaments (GTD)! Running throughout each day, these exciting competitions always feature a guaranteed prize pool.

This means that Replay Poker guarantees that the amount of the prize pool will never be lower than the GTD amount, regardless of the number of participants in the tournament. Talk about high value opportunities! Any shortfall is made up from Replay Poker's pockets!

You have an abundance of GTD tournaments to choose from daily, includinge our weekly Gemstone Leagues, our monthly Regional MTT Leagues and all Freeroll tournaments! League tournaments also have corresponding Tournament Points Leaderboards with millions in bonus chips! Bankroll Builder offers a fantastic way to grow your bankroll, and our Gemstones offer eight phenomenal weekly Leaderboards! Satellite tournaments also have GTD prize pools with incredibly generous ticket awards!

With more than a billion chips guaranteed each month, these high value tournaments ensure plenty of chips are available to players around the globe!

There's always a Guaranteed Tournament table ready! Check out these convenient tournament schedules and take your seat now!

Competition Schedule Buy-in Range GTD Game Prize Pool Leaderboard LB Bonus Chips LB Paid Positions Lobby Color
Bankroll Builder Hourly 500 – 1K 20K chips N/A N/A N/A Green
Gemstones MTT Leagues Hourly 2.5K – 50K 500K - 6M chips Weekly 10M+ 30 Gold
Regional MTT Leagues Varies 5K / 15K 500K – 2.5M chips Monthly 12M 50 Red
Daily Freerolls Varies FREE 100K chips N/A N/A N/A Turquoise
Satellites Varies FREE - 5K 100K - 750K Ticket N/A N/A N/A Varies

Head over now to the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby and register for these high value guaranteed tournaments (GTD).

Want to learn more about all the Hold'em variants? Check out the exciting game rules at our Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.