The Replay Rungood Race II - overview

By popular demand, The Replay Rungod Race is back for its second edition!

With a prize pool of over 1 billion chips, this is without a doubt one of the most rewarding events at Replay Poker! And what do you have to do to grab a share of these riches? That's simple: Don’t Stop Winning!

You’ll receive points for every hand you win – in any Ring Game of your choice – to climb the leaderboards and compete for your share of the prizes.

Whatever stakes you play and whichever game you prefer, there’s an opportunity for you to win a ton of free chips. But to do it you’re going to have to be the ‘table captain’ and keep on winning those pots!


Leaderboards are available at four different stake levels:

♠️ Home Game Heroes       Big Blind from: 100 thru 1,000

♦️ Card Club Champs         Big Blind from: 2,000 thru 10,000

♣️ High Stakes Hustlers     Big Blind from: 20,000 thru 100,000

♥️ Super High Rollers         Big Blind from: 200,000 thru 1,000,000

Within each Leaderboard the higher stakes tables will earn you UP TO THREE TIMES bonus points. Leaderboards update every 15 minutes, and we’ll let you know where you stand as soon as you log-in. See each Leaderboard page for more details.

Week 1 of leaderboards run during October 2-8, and Week 2 leaderboards run during October 9-15, both awarding the following prizes:

Stake Levels Big Blinds Places Paid Prizepool Top Prize Leaderboard
Home Game Heroes 100-1,000 500 10,425,000 Free Chips 1,000,000 Free Chips Home Game Heroes LB
Card Club Champs 2,000-10,000 200 100,000,000 Free Chips 10,000,000 Free Chips Card Club Champs LB
High Stakes Hustlers 20,000-100,000 100 355,000,000 Free Chips 75,000,000 Free Chips High Stakes Hustlers LB
Super High Rollers 200,000-1,000,000 30 810,000,000 Free Chips 200,000,000 Free Chips Super High Rollers LB


  • Only hands played between 00:00 Monday, October 2nd until 23:59 ET Sunday, October 8th will count for Week 1 payouts. Similarly, only hands played between 00:00 Monday, October 9th until 23:59 ET Sunday, October 15th will count for Week 2 payouts.
  • Payouts will be made on October 9th for Week 1, and on October 16th for Week 2.
  • All poker variants are included. Hands played at private tables, in tournaments, or that have fewer than three players dealt in, will not count towards your total.
  • Please note that any forms of collusion, such as ‘win trading’ will result in exclusion of accounts involved from ALL Leaderboards and possible further moderations.