Introducing a brand new feature to Replay Poker ... Endorsements!

Our Endorsement system is a way for you to feel empowered by rewarding good play and behavior. You’ll have a direct impact on our community, encouraging others to keep our tables welcoming and friendly.

There are three different endorsements that you can provide to other players:

  • Poker Pro” - Is the player in question great at the game? Make this selection to give them a shout-out.
  • Good Sport” - Are you having a friendly chat with someone? Do they have a great attitude, take their losses in stride, or make you feel welcome? This is the endorsement for them!
  • Helping Hand” - If you’ve got questions about the site or the game, and someone helped you along the way, choose this option to say thanks.

Each of these commendations will award points toward a player's endorsement rank. When a player receives enough points, they'll level up! Endorsement ranks begin at 0 and go all the way up to 5.

As thanks for being a positive presence on our site, we’re doing monthly chip drops based on your rank! Each rank has a set range, and you’ll be awarded a random amount from that range. The higher your rank, the more chips you’ll receive.

We also award you with 25 chips each time you make an endorsement, because we appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge other great players!

Learn more about how to use this new feature in this Help Center article.

For Frequently Asked Questions, visit our forum thread.