Replay Poker’s Billionth Hand!


We’ve been dreaming of this moment since we first launched Replay Poker: dealing our ONE BILLIONTH HAND!
Amazing as it seems, the moment is fast approaching, and has only been made possible thanks to our wonderful players who love the game of poker just as much as we do.
That’s why we want to give you all some reasons to celebrate with us…over a BILLION reasons!


Starting with hand number 995,000,000 – and every 500,000th hand up to hand number one billion – we’ll award huge chip prizes to all players dealt in to these Milestone Hands. You don’t even need to win the hand to get your prize.

Then, if you’re dealt in to hand number ONE BILLION, you’ll win a share of ONE BILLION CHIPS!
You’ll always find the hand number displayed in the top-left corner of your table window, so keep an eye out as we approach each Milestone Hand.
And don’t forget: Milestone Hands could occur on any table. That means any format, ring games, Sit & Go’s, MTTs or even freerolls!


Hand number one billion will award one billion chips. Until then, however, Milestone Hands will award chip drops relating to the stakes of the game in which they’re dealt, as follows:

Stakes Chips Awarded to Table
Low Stakes 5,000,000
Medium Stakes 10,000,000
High Stakes 25,000,000
Elite Stakes 100,000,000

For specific details of each stake level, check out the ‘Stakes’ filter in the ring game lobby and the ‘Buy-in’ filter in the Tournaments Lobby.

Chips will be divided between players dealt in to the hand as follows:

No. of Players Dealt In Division of Prize Chips
2-3 60% to the winner, 40% divided equally between other players
4+ 50% to the winner, 50% divided equally between other players

We’ll update the Winner’s List below as the Milestone Hands are dealt, to share the good news. Good luck!


  • Replay Poker has no control over where or when Milestone Hands are dealt. Chips may be won at a ring game table, an MTT or a SnG according to the timing of the hand dealt.
  • Chips awarded in this promotion are intended for use by the recipient only. As stated in Replays Code of Conduct in the Community Playbook, transferring chips to other accounts is not permitted.


Hand 995,000,000:Won by cecilc24. - 4 players share 5 million chips.
Hand 995,500,000:Won by JCW74. - 3 players share 5 million chips.
Hand 996,000,000:Won by BobbyMora. - 5 players share 100 million chips.
Hand 996,500,000:Won by MrAverage. and spidey5. - 5 players share 5 million chips.
Hand 997,000,000:Won by rambo0001. - 6 players share 5 million chips.
Hand 997,500,000:Won by Midnightpete. - 8 players share 10 million chips.
Hand 998,000,000:Won by Beachyep. - 3 players share 10 million chips.
Hand 998,500,000:Won by mby6. - 2 players share 5 million chips.
Hand 999,000,000:Won by Equalizer61. - 9 players share 25 million chips.
Hand 999,500,000:Won by Jude101. - 6 players share 5 million chips.
Hand ONE BILLION:Won by Kushi. - 6 players share a cool one billion chips.

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all the 57 winners and a huge THANK YOU to all the Replay players have played during this promotion.