RPOS IV - League of Legends

During the RPOS IV Tournament Events, from Sunday, October 9th through Sunday, October 16th, we'll be tracking players' performances in our League of Legends for all 24 of the 15,000 / 15K Tournament Ticket buy-in events.

Test your skill in this all around competition featuring game types including Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Royal, No Limit, Pot Limit and Mixed Limit!

A share of an additional 5 Million Play Chips will be awarded to the Top 25 players based on the leaderboard tournament point totals!


The points a player earns in a tournament are calculated:

(1000 × ( √Runners)/√(Finishing Position))×(1.01+log10(buyin))

For example, if a player enters a RPOS event with a buy-in of 15,000 chips and 200 runners, and the player finishes in 6th place, the player will receive 29,964 points towards their League of Legends position:

(1000 × ( √200)/√6)×(1,01+log10(15000)) = 5773.50 ×5.19 = 29,964 Points

Note: The tournaments Number of the Beast, Open Happiness and The Burnout are not available from October 9th through October 16th.
Tournament points won during RPOS will also count toward the MTT Leaderboard-Medium, and the tournament points won in the Omaha (Hi/Lo) and Royal games also count toward the yearly leaderboards of these game types.

Head on over now to the Multi-Table Tournament Lobby and join the fun!

Good Luck!