RWG #4 - Bust The Staff! Winter Edit.

The Replay Winter Games are in full swing and medals are being handed out to the winning competitors.

Today is a special one off event and it's a big one, a double prize pool Bust The Staff! Winter Edition.

On Thursday, February, 21st at 1600 ET, come and play with the staff members and see if you can score yourself a 100,000 free chip bounty and maybe a medal whilst you are at it!

We are providing an astonishing 2,000,000 prizepool and on top of that there are 100,000 free chip bounties for knocking out staff, and 20,000 bounties on volunteers. You can easily spot a staff member -- they have a gold star next to their name on the game table!

The entry fee for this special event is 1,000 chips. If you eliminate any other player, you will receive a knock out bonus of 1,000 chips per elimination.

Medals for this event will be won by the first (Gold), second (Silver) and third (Bronze) placed finishers in the Bust The Staff! Winter Edition.


Next Event Date Time ET Buy-in Format Prize Pool Player Bounty Staff Bounty Registration
Thursday, February 21st 16:00 1K chips NL Hold'em 2 Million 1K chips each 100K chips each Open Now


Gold - laov | Lithuania
Silver - macawesome | USA
Bronze - spikerjl | USA

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A yearly leaderboard featuring a prize pool of 5 million free chips is available. At the end of the calendar year, the Top 50 players who accumulate the most knockouts in the 12 Bust the Staff tournaments of each year will claim their share!