SCF 2018 - Santa's Bust The Staff!

There really is something magical about Christmas!

December's Bust The Staff! has something special about it too...a special guest appearance from Replay Santa Claus! Not only will the staff have the pleasure of playing with you, Replay have doubled the prizes for this event in the spirit of Christmas!

Santa will be playing as 'RPSantaClaus'.

This event will be live streamed on TwitchTV by BuffaloPrime from 1600 ET! Join us to meet fellow Replay players and watch the action unfold in real time, your table might even get featured!

But wait! There is more! You will have the chance to bust out Santa for an special 100,000 chip prize, alongside the doubled traditional bonuses of busting a volunteer, moderator or a member of staff!

Join us for a very special final Bust The Staff! for 2018, featuring an added prizepool of 2 million free chips on Thursday, 20th December, 1600 ET. This will be your last chance to rise up in the annual Knock Out leaderboard, featuring a share of 5 million free chips!

Double prizes means a real stocking filler with bounties set at 100K for each staff member, 20K for each volunteer and 2K for each player! Staff members can be identified by a golden star next to their name at the tables. Bust Santa to pick up another cool 100,000 free chips!

Join us Thursday, 20th December 1600 ET for Santa's Bust The Staff! featuring double prizes! This event will be live streamed by BuffaloPrime.