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Summer SnG Decathlon - 2018

It’s back! Our Summer Sit'n'Go Decathlon was a player favorite last year! This exciting competion will run for 10 days and test your patience and dedication to claim generous prizes. Running from Friday, June 29th, 2018 through Sunday, July 8th, 2018, each day you'll be presented with a different game format to test your skill and strategy. The challenges continue with mixed limit, pot limit and no limit betting during these low-stake, 1,000-chip buy-in games!

Throughout the Summer SnG Decathlon, you can track your progress on a leaderboard based on tournament points. The leaderboard will reward the Top 50 players with a share of 5 million in bonus chip prizes!

Game Schedule

Day Buy-in Seats Game Format
Friday June 29th 1,000 6 PL Omaha Hi/Lo
Saturday June 30th 1,000 6 NL Hold'em Knockout
Sunday July 1st 1,000 6 PL Omaha
Monday July 2nd 1,000 6 ML Hold'em
Tuesday July 3rd 1,000 6 NL Omaha Hi/Lo Knockout
Wednesday July 4th 1,000 6 NL Royal Hold'em
Thursday July 5th 1,000 6 NL Omaha
Friday July 6th 1,000 6 NL Hold'em Knockout Deepstack
Saturday July 7th 1,000 6 NL Omaha Hi/Lo
Sunday July 8th 1,000 6 NL Hold'em

Note 1: The games can be found in light green color and under the name of Summer SnG Decathlon in the Sit'n'Go lobby.

Note 2: Tournament points earned in the Summer SnG Decathlon tournaments also count towards the SnG Leaderboard - Low.


Leaderboard Prize Pool Paid Positions
Tournament Points 5M Chips Top 50

Head over now to the SnG Lobby and join the fun!

Not sure about the rules of all the game formats? No worries as we've got you can check out the different rules at our Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.