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RWG 2020 #5 - Cross Country Skiing

Welcome to the Replay Winter Games Cross Country Skiing event!

Join the competition on Friday, February 28th for a leisurely ski, as the day's event is a Hold'em ring game event for all! To get involved, simply play any Hold'em Ring Game at the Medium Stakes.

Starting at 00:00 ET 02/28 through 23:59 ET try to score as many Ring Game Points as you can to try and earn your share of 1,000,000 in free chips,on a leaderboard that rewards the top 50 players.

You are welcome to play at any Hold'em table within the stake range. It can be a 6 or 9 Max table. The stake range for our Medium stakes is 100/200 - 1K/2K.


Leaderboard Prize Pool Prize Positions Stake Range
Medium Stakes Ring Game Points 1,000,000 Free Chips Top 50 100/200 - 1K/2K

Gold - '32680847' - USA
Silver - 'cross2015' - Australia
Bronze - 'bahia7' - USA

Best of luck medal hunters!