SCF 21 - Santa's Stunning SnG

We wish you a truly merry Christmas, and for the last event of Santa's Christmas Festival 2021 Santa has something special up his sleeve.

Santa's Stunning SnG is a two leaderboard event, each with 7,000,000 free chips to be won. You can earn prizes for the number of SnG Points and Knockouts that you earn in Santa's special SnGs.

From Monday, December 27th through Sunday, January 2nd, Santa is hosting his own 18 player, 6-handed sit'n'go tournaments, featuring a buy-in of 1,500 chips. These will be available in Hold'em and Omaha Hi/Lo.

So head on over to the SnG Lobby and get involved to have your chance to win the 14,000,000 chips on offer!

Leaderboard Prize Pool Paid Positions
SnG Points 7 Million chips Top 50
Knockouts 7 Million chips Top 50

Please note:
- Included SnGs are shown in light green on the Lobby page.
- SnG tournaments starting after Sunday, January 2nd at 23:59 ET are excluded from the Leaderboards.
- These SnGs are excluded from any other Leaderboard competitions.

Thank you for playing at Replay Poker and we wish you and your loved ones an amazing Christmas and New Year.