RWG 2022 #20 - Moguls

Welcome to day 20 of the Replay Winter Games. Today's event is a real skill tester, grab your skis and navigate the tricky Moguls!

On Saturday, March 5th, your ring game skills will be tested, you will need to be on the top of your game in order to win a medal by playing NL Omaha Hi/Lo at the Medium Stakes and earning as many Ring Game Points as you can, over the course of the day.

Any hand completed before midnight on March 5th will count towards the leaderboard.


100/200 200/400 500/1,000 1,000/2,000
NL Omaha Hi/Lo NL Omaha Hi/Lo NL Omaha Hi/Lo NL Omaha Hi/Lo

Want to learn more about Omaha Hi/Lo? Check out the exciting game rules at our Help link at the bottom of each Lobby and Dashboard page.


No scores just yet, check back soon!