RWG 2022 #21 - Ski Archery

Welcome to the last event in the third week of the Replay Winter Games, day 21 is Ski Archery.

You will need to hit a few bullseyes in order to win this test of endurance and skill. Is today the day you shoot for gold?

Today's event is a classic, NL Hold'em SnGs. You will need a steady aim to compete, as only your first seven scores will count towards the leaderboard. The players with the Top 50 scores on the day will win a share of the 1,000,000 chip leaderboard.

Ski Archery takes place on Sunday, March 7th and runs for the whole day.


Date Entry Fee Game Number of Players Prizes Starting Stack Blind Clock
03/06 20,000 Chips NL Texas Hold'em 9 Players Top 3 3,000 6 Mins

Good luck competitors!


No scores just yet, check back soon!