RWG 2022 #9 - Bobsleigh

Welcome to day 9 of the Replay Winter Games!

Today's event is a classic, the Bobsleigh. Inspirational to millions of sports fans and film makers alike, you are sure to be in the 'cool running' for a medal in this spectacular event!

Throughout Tuesday, February 22nd join in the fun! The format for this event is NL Hold'em SnG!

In order to be within a chance of winning a medal, you will need to score as many SnG Points Points as you can in your first seven games.

You are welcome to play as many games as you wish on the day, but only your first seven will count!


Date Game Buyin Seats Paid Starting Chips Clock
02/22 NL Hold'em 5,000 9 Max Top 3 3,000 6 Mins

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Does your country have a bobsleigh team?


No scores just yet, check back soon!