SCF20 - Santa's Bankroll Builders

In present number one from under our tree, you’ll find Santa’s Bankroll Builders!

Starting November 30th through December 6th, we’ve quadrupled the prize pools of all of our Bankroll Builder games to add to the merry mayhem. That's an astonishing 80,000 free chips added to each event, with value exceeding 10,000,000 in free chips!

There are two kinds of Bankroll Builder events; The first kind of tournament is a traditional freezout event, with a 1,000 chip entry freezeout.

The second is an unlimited rebuy event with a buy-in of 500+R (with an optional add-on of 2000 tournament chips for an additional 500).

In order to earn your share of the prizes, head to the MTT Lobby where you can find these special tournaments in a cheery Christmas green color.

Santa's Bankroll Builders tournaments run hourly and start at a quarter-past the hour, all day everyday! (00:15, 01:15, 02:15....)